REAPER v6.43+dev1224

v6.43+dev1224 - December 24 2021

* Includes feature branch: render internals simplification/cleanup
* Includes feature branch: user-defined action overhaul
* Includes feature branch: media item normalization
* Includes feature branch: media explorer toolbar
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
* Includes feature branch: JSFX internals overhaul/cleanup/modernization
* Includes feature branch: Windows very long pathname support
+ Actions: do not warn on program startup if too many custom actions exist
+ ReaPlugs: improve parameter names
# API: correct GetSet_ArrangeView2() definition
# Keyboard: restore default shortcut definitions for MIDI editor channel selection
# Media items: calculate normalization based on exact start/end of source media within project
# Media items: only display normalization progress dialog if the process takes more than about 1 second
# Media items: restore behavior of previously existing +0dB peak normalize actions, add new actions to normalize to most recent settings
# Projects: fix secondary format being set on new projects [p=2509662]
# ReaEQ: ignore gain in UI for parallel band pass
# ReaSynth: expose broken portamento extra-sine behavior as hidden parameter, old projects will load with it enabled