REAPER v6.46rc1

v6.46rc1 - January 16 2022

+ API: fix incorrect fuzzy matching in TrackFX_AddByName() etc [t=261799]
+ Automation: fix potential bad envelope evaluation when "bypass envelopes outside of automation items" enabled [t=240584]
+ Batch converter: resolve item-related wildcards properly when converting a media item that originated in a different project [t=261724]
+ Control surfaces: fix OSC control of FX wet/dry knob [t=261531]
+ FX: add actions to clear delta solo for all FX on selected tracks or all FX in the project
+ Import: add cancel button to multiple media item import dialog
+ JSFX/ReaScript: improve gfx_blit() documentation/implementation internals [t=261610]
+ MIDI editor: improve zoom to content action behavior [t=261214]
+ MIDI inline editor: improve default note view sizing
+ MIDI: add actions to reload track support data (bank/program files, notation, etc) for individual MIDI items or all items in the project [t=261642]
+ Media items: add actions to normalize items to common gain, or separately, using most recent settings
+ Media items: show warning or error (if common gain) when some items could not be normalized
+ Media: fix adjusting media to tempo suggested by filename or metadata when inserting via action
+ Metadata: add ASWG dialogue projection level field
+ Metadata: add ogg, opus to displayed list of render formats that support VORBIS metadata
+ Metronome: fix count-in issue at 180bpm 3/4 [t=261495]
+ RS5k: fix incorrect resampling at end of sample (most obvious with r8brain free)
+ Tracks: if tracks are removed while renaming a track in TCP/MCP, close edit field
+ Transport: fix keyboard focus on macOS after closing selection/bpm edit boxes
+ VST: do not allow scanning root directories on macOS/linux (6.44 change) [p=2514467]
+ WavPack: fix incorrect truncation in 16-bit mode [t=261535]
+ Windows: fix DirectX plug-in preset menu
+ Windows: fix incorrect default VST path behavior 64-bit (6.44 regression)
+ macOS: fix keyboard navigation in various listviews when arrow keys are used as keyboard shortcuts in menus (6.43 regression)
+ macOS: improve appearance of routing matrix in dark mode and default theme
+ mp3 reader: close .reapindex files when media is offline [t=261537]
# Actions: update arrange view after running action to reload MIDI track data
# MIDI: add action to reload track support data to all MIDI context action lists
# MIDI: main section action to reload MIDI track support files affects only selected tracks
# macOS: accessibility arrow key fixes
# macOS: fix arrow keys on unopened NSPopUpButton when arrow keys exist as shortcuts in the active menu