REAPER v6.48rc1

v6.48rc1 - February 18 2022

+ Actions window: fix issue with SWS cycle action editor on macOS/Linux (Windows will require sws update) [p=2527059]
+ Custom actions: fix add of actions to custom action via keyboard
+ Custom menus: fix support for more than 1024 menu items per menu
+ Custom menus: fix support for more than 32 submenus per menu
+ FX envelopes: copy/move envelopes correctly between instances of ReaSurroundPan with different configurations [p=2526379]
+ JSFX: channel_mapper uses dropdown instead of +/- buttons to set number of channels
+ JSFX: fix adjusting user-mix faders [p=2528443]
+ Knobs: improve alignment of wet/dry knobs
+ Media explorer: cancel metadata edit if file list is scrolled
+ Media explorer: prevent unnecessary scroll-to-left when browsing
+ Media item properties: reset volume/pan slider on double-click [t=263028]
+ Media item ruler: always label item start and end if possible [t=262144]
+ Media items: fix possible incorrect calculation when running action to clear and recalculate auto-stretch at project tempo changes
+ Media items: fix possible stretch marker corruption when applying auto-stretch at tempo changes [t=257439]
+ Media items: recalculate auto-stretch markers when undoing tempo envelope edits [t=257439]
+ Media items: set default normalization mode to peak for new users
+ Menus/toolbars: in customize menus/toolbars window, leave OK button enabled even if there have been no changes [p=2526098]
+ Preferences: include mouseover help text in search terms
+ ReaLimit: rename "link" control to "constant gain"
+ ReaLimit: set default threshold and ceiling both to 0dB
+ ReaScript: IDEs allow changing font name via ide_font_face= in reaper.ini
+ ReaScript: do not run scripts from cwd rather than reascript path [t=262921]
+ Render: fix persistence of preference to embed XMP markers [t=263105]
+ Render: fix rendering to mp3 when sample rate is set higher than 48k [t=263248]
+ Render: support jumping to loudest sample in project after render (including dry run render)
+ Takes: fix theme preference to display colored bar on active take when empty, not-displayed take lanes exist [t=262607]
+ VST3: set channel index context correctly for track 1 [t=263201]
+ VST: fix various UI sizing quirks
+ macOS: disable input event throttling by default
+ macOS: fix ExecProcess() handle leakage [t=263197]
+ macOS: fix Metal issue where an occluded window would end up stale on macOS 12
+ macOS: fix knob background drawing after switching to/from dark-mode
# FX: improve sizing of certain plugins when auto-resize is not enabled [p=2526450]
# JSFX: fix radio buttons in channel_mapper
# VST: enable container wrapper windows by default for vst2 [p=2524015]