REAPER v6.49+dev0227

v6.49+dev0227 - February 27 2022

* Includes feature branch: media explorer pitch detection
* Includes feature branch: media explorer user-defined tags
* Includes feature branch: improved peak building
* Includes feature branch: batch converter improvements
* Includes feature branch: improved zoomed-in peaks performance
* Includes feature branch: FX chain oversampling
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ Media explorer: refresh display after completing search [t=245536]
+ Mouse modifiers: display and group media item lower half actions similarly to media item actions
+ Project settings: add dropdown menu to support setting/resetting project start offset and project start measure similarly
+ Render: ensure peaks display is fully updated for each rendered region
+ Render: ensure progress bar and stats are updated after rendering short regions
+ Render: fix enabling/disabling render loudness statistics from completed render dialog
+ Render: greatly improve render speed when rendering many regions at once
+ Rendering: avoid extra work relating to updating status in dock on macOS
+ Tempo envelope: context menu action to insert point respects default point shape
+ Tempo envelope: don't snap to beats when editing points if project snap is disabled
+ Undo: ensure undo point is created after running action to remove content behind items [t=263577]
# FX oversampling: now implemented not as static oversampling factor, but as target maximum samplerate (e.g. oversample to ~96khz which enables 2x at 44.1/48khz, does not oversample if above 48khz)
# Media item lanes: fix fade drawing bug when overlapping items are drawn offset vertically [p=2531102]
# Project settings: clarify meaning of dropdown action to set measure 1 to current edit cursor position