REAPER v6.51rc1

v6.51rc1 - March 4 2022

+ Batch converter: fix incorrect conversion when converting multiple media items
+ Batch converter: only show "scan subdirectories?" prompt once when importing multiple folders [p=2533273]
+ Global key bindings: do not treat popup combo boxes as text fields
+ MIDI editor: prevent note edits jumping to the previous/next loop iteration when snapping [t=261839]
+ Pan: ensure that "linear scale above -3dB" checkbox is enabled [p=2532677]
+ Razor edits: fix grouping of existing items after pasting razor edits with "trim content behind" enabled [t=263654]
# Razor edits: don't trim behind envelope areas when pasting to the media lane, instead paste the envelope data and remove the razor edit [p=2502687]