REAPER v6.51+dev0309

v6.51+dev0309 - March 9 2022

* Includes feature branch: media explorer pitch detection
* Includes feature branch: media explorer user-defined tags
* Includes feature branch: improved peak building
* Includes feature branch: FX chain oversampling
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ Actions window: match UK spellings of various words
+ JSFX: fix channel mapper/downmixer text alignment on non-retina macOS displays
+ MIDI editor: add actions, menu items to load/unload .ReaScale files
+ Media buffering: reduce lag when changing item takes via action/lane clicks
+ Media item lanes: support playing multiple lanes at once
+ Render: add action to re-display statistics from most recent render in web browser
+ Render: gray out add-metadata button when "embed metadata" is unchecked
+ Text drawing: fix cropped glyphs for some fonts/italics combinations [t=262915]
# Media explorer: fix text descriptions of actions to sort file list by user-added metadata columns
# Media item lanes: remove context menu actions to move lanes up/down (for now)
# Media: increase insert-track target area when 'preferences/media/allow drag-import to insert tracks' is enabled