REAPER v6.53

v6.53 - March 29 2022

+ Actions window: improve warning messages when a key is mapped to an action that no longer exists
+ API: FX_SetParam/FX_SetParamNormalized do not send notifications when called from audio threads
+ Batch converter: fix reading output file format when running from command line [t=264731]
+ Envelope window: make checkbox controls keyboard accessible
+ Freeze: fix freezing multiple tracks with non-overlapping media items and certain render preferences [p=2540145]
+ Freeze: when unfreezing an edited track, prompt user whether they would like to transform the frozen items
+ macOS: improve command shortcut display when the same menu item exists in multiple places [t=264065]
+ macOS: improve keyboard focus behavior when focused window is disabled
+ macOS: improve return-key behavior for plug-in text entry fields
+ Media explorer: add themeable colors for media explorer grid/markers, pitch detection text
+ Media explorer: make toolbar keyboard accessible (tab to toolbar, left/right/space)
+ Media explorer: use media item background color for preview peaks background
+ Media explorer: prevent crash when previewing .rpp without proxy built (6.52 regression)
+ Metadata: support embedding images in ogg, opus files when rendering or converting
+ Metronome settings: improve accessibility of hardware outputs button
+ MIDI editor: fix behavior when drawing notes and humanize window is open [p=2540147]
+ MIDI inline editor: add missing actions to action list [t=263976]
+ MIDI inline editor: fix marquee drawing bugs when mapped to left-drag
+ Peaks: fix building of peaks for section/reversed items (6.52 regression) [t=264718]
+ Peaks: fix spectrogram calculation errors (6.52 regression) [t=264583]
+ Peaks: improve quality of zoomed-out spectrogram display
+ ReaScript: add Main_SaveProjectEx, to save project or track template with a specific filename and options [t=261802]
+ ReaSurroundPan: account for channel mapping when running action to set input names/colors from sending tracks [t=264484]
+ Recording: improve behavior of note-ons sent during count-in (6.48 behavior restored) [p=2540157]
+ Subprojects: do not show project notes when rendering a project proxy [p=2541870]
+ Tempo markers: respect mouse modifier when set to "no action" [t=264585]