REAPER v6.54rc1

v6.54rc1 - April 10 2022

* Includes feature branch: insert new track when importing media via mouse drag-drop
* Includes feature branch: render loudness graphing
* Includes feature branch: FX chain oversampling
+ AU: remember size of user-resized AUv3 plug-ins when closing/reopening
+ AU: resize AUv3 views to their containers on resize
+ Actions: account for reverse volume grouping when running action to adjust track volume [t=264649]
+ Actions: add actions to freeze/unfreeze media by moving items to/from hidden child track
+ Actions: add actions to move media items to/from hidden child track
+ Audio Units: call AudioUnitUninitialize() when unloading
+ Audio Units: prevent AUv3 that send MIDI events from crashing on Monterey
+ Batch converter: update display immediately after removing all files
+ Batch converter: when converting in place, write temporary file to destination filesystem rather than local temporary directory [t=264848]
+ Color theme: add theme overlay color, blend mode for muted/unsoloed/inactive or locked media items and tracks
+ FX: add actions to change Add-FX window pane configuration to context menu, don't change configuration on double-click
+ FX: add per-FX chain oversampling option
+ FX: add per-FX instance oversampling setting (if both chain and instance are set, the higher of the two is used)
+ FX: improve default values for wet/bypass/delta envelopes
+ FX: improve value editing for bypass/delta envelopes
+ FX: when opening FX for a new track, by default do not show the chain until FX are added
+ Free item positioning: fix minor time selection display issue [p=2538153]
+ Import: holding shift while dragging media into REAPER will insert new tracks as needed
+ Import: on drag-import, offer to replace media source only if snapped start position of imported media is within an existing media item [t=184239]
+ Item editing: improve interaction between free item positioning edits and mouse modifiers
+ Item lanes: when recording in free item positioning mode, only adjust existing item y-positions if necessary
+ Logical sorting: improve order of various characters (_- / number / UTF-8 / alpha) [t=264382]
+ MIDI editor: fix editing left edge of notes beyond first loop boundary [t=264881]
+ MIDI editor: fix inserting new CC events past the loop boundary of looped items
+ MIDI editor: fix note velocity sweep-editing when moving the mouse quickly [t=264954]
+ MIDI editor: fix some editing bugs when displaying partial loop iterations [p=2545303]
+ MIDI editor: reload custom .ReaScale function when opening a new project
+ MIDI editor: restore grid type properly when quantizing with swing [t=265280]
+ MIDI inline editor: improve action window targeting behavior [t=156124]
+ Media buffering: reduce lag when changing item mute states
+ Media buffering: reduce lag when changing item takes via action/lane clicks
+ Media explorer: add action to delete with prompting
+ Media explorer: fix updating database metadata across filesystems
+ Media item import: add option to allow targeting the top part of a track to insert new track(s) to receive the media
+ Media items: add preference for minimum media item height to display peaks
+ Media items: change default item mix behavior to "items always mix", existing projects and user default project settings are unaffected
+ Media items: don't display cursor feedback on locked items
+ Media items: fix hit testing to prefer opaque unselected items over transparent selected items
+ Media items: improve interaction between preferences to show/hide free item positioning, media item labels at certain track heights
+ Media items: locked items do not autocrossfade with unlocked items
+ Media items: option to show overlapping items in lanes is replaced by option/preference to display overlapping items with vertical offset
+ Media items: prevent editing take envelopes when item is locked
+ Menus/Actions: refer to "takes" instead of "take lanes" everywhere, to avoid ambiguity with media item lanes
+ Preferences: add preferences for media item vertical overlap and opacity
+ Preferences: add setting to not display media item peaks if item is too small
+ Project open: support loading multiple projects in recovery mode [t=234059]
+ Project settings: save default settings saves master hardware outputs
+ Razor edit: add click-context mouse modifiers to move areas up or down without contents
+ Razor edit: improve stretch-editing automation items in ripple-edit mode [p=2545359]
+ Razor edit: razor edits on free item positioning lanes snap to item top/bottom, do not necessarily span the entire lane height
+ Razor edit: rename "Move envelope points with razor edits" preference to "Razor edits affect all track envelopes"
+ Razor edit: suppress group selection edge highlight when razor editing
+ Razor edits: fix behavior when stretching right edge of razor edit with ripple edit enabled and automation items later on the track [p=2543398]
+ Razor edits: fix flickering display after running action to cut selected area of items [t=265219]
+ Razor edits: separate options for moving envelope points with razor edits, moving envelope points with media items
+ ReaControlMIDI: increase length of sysex dump displayed in log from 1k to 8k
+ ReaEQ: expose global gain as an automatable parameter
+ ReaInsert: do not allow processing if in an oversampled FX chain
+ ReaScript: add GetSetMediaTrackInfo("I_FREEMODE"); deprecate GetSetMediaTrackInfo("B_FREEMODE"), though it will still work to set free item positioning on or off
+ ReaScript: add GetSetMediaTrackInfo("P_RAZOREDITS_EXT")
+ ReaScript: fix GetThingFromPoint handling of hidden envelopes [t=264823]
+ ReaScript: fix reaper.AddRemoveReaScript() on Windows with forward slashes in script path [t=264181]
+ ReaSurround: fix action to set input names from sending tracks when FX pin mapper has been customized [t=264484]
+ ReaSurroundPan: improve display somewhat when setting input names/channels from receiving tracks
+ ReaSurroundPan: improve display when configuration changes so that inactive channels/speakers are displayed in the list
+ ReaSurroundPan: when inserting as take FX, increase FX output pin count to match track channel count if needed [t=265248]
+ Recording: respect option to always add takes to new recording when looping
+ Recording: when preference enabled to add recorded media at each loop, defer adding media during mouse editing [p=2543669]
+ Render: display graph of loudness values in browser view of render statistics
+ Rendering: apply PDC to rendered output when master track FX is set to ignore PDC or hardware-output-PDC
+ Reverse items: improve behavior of reverse items as new take with audioless video items [t=265238]
+ Super8: allow up to 500ms of RDC
+ Tempo envelope: context menu action to insert point respects default point shape
+ Tempo envelope: don't snap to beats when editing points if project snap is disabled
+ Tempo envelope: warn if user enters time signature numerators/denominators out of range [t=265162]
+ Track manager: display track channel count
+ Tracks/media items/razor edits: many internal changes to support future media item lane functionality
+ Video: fix behavior of changing audio-enabled on all project video sources
# API: make GetItemFromPoint consistent with internal hit testing [p=2451995]
# Actions: handle running action to move media items to/from hidden child tracks multiple times
# Audio Units: tweak to previous AUv3 midi output fix
# Color theme: apply mute and lock overlay colors to spectral peaks
# Color theme: fix applying opacity to spectral peaks
# Color theme: more subtle default overlay for locked media items
# Embass: thank you for all of the screencaps :slight_smile:
# FX instance oversampling: fix MIDI issues
# FX instance oversampling: show in chain CPU status
# FX oversampling: internal tweaks to allow for easier expansion of functionality
# FX oversampling: now implemented not as static oversampling factor, but as target maximum samplerate (e.g. oversample to ~96khz which enables 2x at 44.1/48khz, does not oversample if above 48khz)
# FX oversampling: update menus in fx + menu
# FX: add oversampling options to FX preset/configuration + menu
# Free item positioning: automatically reposition items when switching to FIPM
# Free item positioning: fix incorrect application of item mix mode [p=2528427]
# Free item positioning: improve accuracy when moving media items vertically
# Import: decrease target area for inserting track when drag-importing media
# Import: improve preview display somewhat
# Media items: fix calculating item label height with free item positioning
# Media items: fix drawing glitch with multiple overlapping items
# Media items: fix tape-mode recording option potentially being ignored [p=2449852]
# Media items: increase height threshold for drawing media item peaks
# Media items: increase vertical offset of overlapping items, don't draw overlapping items opaque by default
# Media items: preference for minimum peaks height applies per-item, not per-channel
# Media: increase insert-track target area when 'preferences/media/allow drag-import to insert tracks' is enabled
# Razor edits: don't trim behind envelope areas when pasting to the media lane, instead paste the envelope data and remove the razor edit [p=2502687]
# Razor edits: fix extra copies [p=2497447]
# Razor edits: fix inconsistent trim-behind behavior when copying razor edits between tracks [p=2543282]
# Razor edits: when "overlap and crossfade media items when finalizing razor edits" enabled, limit crossfades to source media start/end
# ReaScript: fix GetSetMediaItemInfo with F_FREEMODE_Y, F_FREEMODE_H
# Render: fix blank spots in loudness graph
# Render: improve formatting of loudness statistics graph
# Themes: improve display somewhat for themes that do not consider tcp width
# Video: fix playback, unintentionally disabled in +dev0404
# macOS: improve appearance of TCP/MCP text in dark mode