REAPER v6.28rc1

v6.28rc1 - April 21 2021

+ API: ListView_GetItemText() supports owner-data listviews on non-win32 [t=241880]
+ Accessibility: improve behavior of spacebar in actions list and managers with spacebar-navigation option set
+ FX bridging: avoid zombie reaper_hostXX processes in various corner cases
+ FX: allow JS/Channel Mapper-Downmixer to be renamed [p=2431465]
+ FX: fix mapping track channels above 32 using the FX pin connector dialog [t=252332]
+ MIDI: enforce some reasonable maximum MIDI message and per-block list sizes (128MB and 256MB initially)
+ MIDI: fix unlikely but possible incorrect handling of PDC+MIDI
+ Marker/region manager: fix undesired periodic marker deselection
+ Marker/region manager: improve selection behavior when removing markers/regions
+ Marker/region manager: move edit cursor when seeking during playback
+ Media explorer: fix tempo sync when inserting media on new track [p=2433091]
+ Media explorer: improve readability of embedded cues
+ Razor edit: properly handle moving and pasting areas that contain MIDI items when project timebase is set to "time" [t=252436]
+ Razor edit: restrict selected area to 0.001 rather than 0.01 seconds
+ Render: fix display of render vu meters with panned mono media [t=252026]
+ Track manager: fix keyboard navigation quirks on macOS with mirrored selection enabled
+ macOS: fix exiting of bridge processes when parent terminates
+ macOS: improve behavior when scanning VST plug-ins that present modal UI

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