REAPER v6.58

v6.58 - May 18 2022

+ Auto-save: improve error messages [t=62857]
+ Drag and drop: fix color of insert-new-track indicator text [p=2556218]
+ IDEs: use 6.53-style sorting for watch lists [t=266700]
+ JSFX: update classic volume adjustment JSFX to use a step size of 0.1dB
+ LV2: support compatibility setting to ignore state-change notifications [t=266424]
+ Media explorer: fix My Computer view when localized [t=266458]
+ Media items: allow clicking item notes and item properties buttons on locked items
+ MIDI editor: fix mouse modifier to delete touched notes when moving mouse very slowly [p=2555629]
+ Performance: reduce redraws when moving mouse over envelope lanes
+ Razor edits: fix potential display flickering after certain actions/zoom/scroll [t=265219]
+ Razor edits: fix potential incorrect drawing when zoomed in very far
+ Razor edits: add undo points when clearing selections
+ Razor edits: prevent selections from being lost when loading a project with missing media
+ ReaFIR: fix inconsistent processing of first block of audio
+ ReaScript: make Lua handling of unspecified Optional const char* parameters consistent with EEL2, other data types [t=266405]
+ Render: support rendering region matrix via master [t=265457]
+ Render: fix normalizing render when rendering video with WMF
+ Render: if render bounds set to "selected regions" and no regions are selected, render all regions
+ Render: improve render speed when rendering stems or regions via master [p=2551835]
+ Render: always display one momentary loudness measurement and one short-term loudness measurement in HTML charts
+ Render: optionally display project regions/markers in HTML charts
+ Render: remove option to render to .wmv or .wma files; there's no reason to use these file formats as containers for modern codecs [p=2557603]
+ Video: decode mono audio to stereo when using WMF
+ Video: fix various video decoding issues when using WMF [t=266535]
+ Video: fix rendering embedded AAC 4-channel audio when using WMF
+ Video: fix rendering video with certain colorspace/size combinations when using WMF [t=266503]
+ Video: support embedding multichannel audio in MP4 video when using WMF
+ Video: support rendering video-only or audio-only mp4 when using WMF
+ Video: improve error message when AVFoundation encoder fails to initialize
+ Video: support rendering multichannel AAC when using AVFoundation
+ VST: avoid duplicate entries when multiple instances of a VST3 UID16 are found with different filename parts [t=266362]
+ VST: support scanning Windows .vst3 bundles that have the system filesystem attribute set [p=2556345]