REAPER v6.59

v6.59 - May 30 2022

+ Actions: add actions to move/copy contents of time selection to edit cursor [t=211511]
+ Batch converter: add menu item to display converted file properties
+ Click source: fix saving default shape setting
+ Color theme: apply mute/inactive/locked theme overlay to outer margins of media item background images
+ Free item positioning: do not normalize media item heights when cut/copy/pasting to FIPM track [t=266897]
+ FX: allow setting FX instance oversampling for multiple items at once in chain view [p=2559966]
+ FX: prevent unintended drag/drop of FX when quickly clicking on multiple track FX buttons in a row
+ Linux: fix crash on startup when loading docked FX [t=267250]
+ macOS: fix appearance of modal windows when switching to/from dark mode [t=266894]
+ macOS: when using default system output device, detect device changes (e.g. from plugging in headphones) [t=266073]
+ Media explorer: add actions to sort file list by specific columns
+ Media explorer: display favorite state during searches [p=2532705]
+ Media explorer: support adding user-defined tags (any plain text, like "Instrument" or "Quality")
+ Media explorer: user-defined tags will be cached locally and can be written to media files for some media types
+ Metronome: correctly use default-project samples when creating a new project and previous project had samples set
+ MIDI editor: add undo points when changing time selection via alt+right drag [t=266591]
+ Opus: when rendering, ensure user-entered bitrate is in range [t=266870]
+ Opus: improve final packet rounding to minimize padding when encoding [t=266870]
+ Opus: support encoding floating-point values greater than +0dB
+ Opus: use smaller default frame size when encoding
+ Performance: reduce audio thread interruptions when moving/copying contents of project regions
+ Razor edits: add mouse modifiers to select razor edit area and time together, in track, media item, and media item edge contexts
+ Razor edits: handle mouse modifier mapped to "no action" by passing through to underlying context
+ Razor edits: more precise peaks drawing at razor edit edges during mouse edits
+ ReaInsert: slight thread scheduling optimization
+ ReaScript: support GetMediaFileMetadata(src, "Generic:BPM") to get any existing BPM metadata
+ ReaVerb: fix channel tool total channel count configuration state save/restore [t=266889]
+ Recent projects: add option to control whether projects are added to recent list when loading
+ Recent projects: add option to disable 'Save copy of project' being added to recent list
+ Recent projects: add option to have old project removed from recent list when using 'Save new version of project'
+ Render: when rendering MPEG-4, use .mp4/.m4v/.m4a extensions by default depending on whether audio/video streams exist (can be changed in render dialog if desired)
+ Render: improve normalization speed when rendering audio-only MPEG-4
+ Resampling: prevent excess RAM use when resampling during recording/render/bounce when output is mp3, opus, or MPEG-4/WMF [t=267175]
+ Routing matrix: fix macOS resize drawing glitch
+ Save-as: convert/trim will now convert .m4a files [t=267101]
+ Startup: detect when an incomplete upgrade/install occurred and warn user [t=266914]
+ Theme: fix minor sidebar issue in default theme [p=2562506]
+ Theme: restore old display behavior of pre-version 5 themes with transparent media item background images [t=266958]
+ Theme: update theme tweaker description for shared theme color [t=267111]
+ Theme: fix corner case of parsing .] in WALTER [t=266668]
+ Theme: treat 'scalar==vector' in WALTER comparisons as 'scalar==vector{0}' rather than 'scalar==0' [p=2557841]
+ Track routing window: fix display issues with UTF-8 localizations [t=266967]
+ Video: allow encoding video-only m4v/mov when using AVFoundation
+ Video: fix potential use-after-free memory error when using video processors and multiple copies of the same source
+ Video: improve ffmpeg bitrate controls for various codecs
+ Video: support passing ffmpeg command line options directly when rendering
+ Video: simplify WMF encoding settings
+ VST: add option to allow multiple plug-ins with the same VST3 UID16 [p=2560921]
+ Windows: add projects to system-wide recent documents list on save