REAPER v6.60rc1

v6.60rc1 - June 7 2022

* Includes feature branch: pre-FX/pre-fader output recording
+ API: extend hwnd_info hook API to allow disabling global hotkeys for a particular context
+ Actions: fix issue when rapidly clicking new project tab toolbar button on Windows [t=267507]
+ Crossfade editor: improve grouped item editing behavior with editor open [t=266599]
+ Envelopes: fix incorrect envelope edit when moving media items across tracks with ripple-all enabled and moving envelope points with media items [t=267039]
+ FX: allow resizing FX windows beyond screen size on Windows
+ FX: allow scripts to set ridiculous oversampling ratios up to 1024x (~45-49MHz)
+ FX: improve automation-recording behavior towards end of time selection when FX is post-PDC and set to stop at end of time selection [p=2562770]
+ Grouping: when splitting grouped items, group all items that start at effectively the same time as the split point, rather than items that start after the split point [t=264639]
+ MIDI: fix looped playback issues with multiple simulaneous note-ons
+ MIDI: if notation option "key signature changes affect all tracks" is enabled (default), embed key signature changes when exporting type 1 MIDI files [t=264803]
+ Media explorer: new user columns default to "custom" rather than "read-only" [t=267357]
+ Razor edits: improve video preview display when editing [t=264785]
+ ReaPlugs: improve end-of-touch automation support when tweaking sliders with keyboard/mousewheel
+ Recording: add per-track setting to allow record output to record pre-FX or post-FX/pre-fader
+ Render: fix HTML render charts when files/markers/regions contain some special characters [t=267349]
+ Render: slight memory use reduction when rendering using resampling
+ Splash: improve status messages when loading FX [t=155245]
+ Startup: add option to skip splash screen animations
+ Theme: using front for mcp.extmixer now brings extmixer background higher in the Z-order
+ VST: automatically end touch automation recording if configuration window is closed
+ VST: improve plug-in scanning process (especially macOS NI plug-ins)
+ Video: improve WMF decoding compatibility [t=267260]
+ Video: optimize opening of extra pooled audio decoders (do not try decode modes which previously failed)
+ Video: preview video position when creating marquee selections and razor edits
+ Video: validate WMF-decoded audio at file-open time, fallback to other decoders if unavailable
+ Video: workaround WMF bug when decoding certain files, by falling back to other decoders [t=266959]
+ macOS: disable automatic key equivalent localization on macOS 12.0+
# Media explorer: move menu items to show/hide columns into a submenu
# Preferences: disable controls in Seeking when their parent option is disabled
# Razor edits: when moving a razor edit, preview video at the start of the razor edit, not the start of the first item in the razor edit
# Video: improve preview responsiveness when creating marquee selections and razor edits
# Video: improve preview responsiveness when creating marquee selections and razor edits and aggressive updates are enabled