REAPER v6.29rc2

v6.29rc2 - May 9 2021

* Includes feature branch: custom metadata columns in Media Explorer
* Includes feature branch: razor envelope editing
* Includes feature branch: ReaSurroundPan
+ API: add hwnd_info hook for improved plug-in global hotkey integration
+ FX browser: improved docked mixer visibility restoration when adding FX via docked FX browser [t=253330]
+ Project bay: show bypass/offline status for FX which are unavailable
+ Razor edit: add mouse modifiers to expand or compress envelope range toward top or bottom
+ ReaScript: show file/line number for Lua calls to ReaScriptError()
+ Super8: improve layouts when UI is resized very wide or very tall
# Razor edit: slightly more consistent behavior for envelope expand/compress mouse modifier
# ReaSurroundPan: fix overwriting automation for previously automated parameters [p=2442037]