REAPER v6.61

v6.61 - June 17 2022

+ Actions: fix potential crash when running action to normalize selected items with no items selected
+ Drawing: various drawing integer overflow fixes with non-sensical values [t=267310]
+ Envelopes: fix pencil-drawing take envelopes on stretched media items in certain situations [t=267716]
+ FX: ensure FX parameter modulation/linking are preserved after undo after loading FX chains [t=267697]
+ FX browser: include LV2i in Instruments list [t=267835]
+ Master track: fix loudness meter readout tooltip label in mixer
+ Media explorer: add a hidden accessible text field for pitch detection output
+ MIDI: fix exporting type 1 MIDI that has both embedded cues and key signature changes [p=2569390]
+ MIDI: fix key signature export [t=267626]
+ ReaSamploMatic5000: add Media Explorer options to set a MIDI note or channel to assign when inserting media into sampler, incrementing if inserting on new track
+ ReaSamploMatic5000: add Media Explorer option to assign MIDI note based on detected pitch when inserting media into sampler
+ ReaSamploMatic5000: when inserting into sampler and detecting pitch, assign sampler pitch start rather than note start (so the sample can be played at different pitches, correctly tuned)
+ ReaSamplomatic5000: add pitch detection
+ ReaSamplomatic5000: display note names for pitch offset
+ ReaSamplomatic5000: if sample detected pitch is out of range of pitch start parameter, add octaves to note start parameter as needed [p=2549739]
+ ReaSamplomatic5000: support sorting sample list by detected pitch
+ ReaSamplomatic5000: support typing in sample pitch
+ ReaSamploMatic5000: when inserting media from media explorer into an existing sampler instance, obey preferences to apply volume/pitch adjustment
+ ReaScript: fix Track/TakeFX_AddByName() matching existing instances when using FX-type prefix [t=267548]
+ Recording: fix pre-fx/pre-fader output recording when live FX multiprocessing is disabled
+ Render: always display one momentary, one short-term, and one integrated render statistic in render dialog
+ Render: fully cancel render queue when user clicks "cancel all" [t=267732]
+ Render: make clearer in preferences that either LUFS or RMS, both not both, will be calculated/displayed for a given period (momentary, short-term, or integrated)
+ Spectral edits: fix incomplete loading of certain complex shapes
+ Spectral edits: prevent resizing regions into entirely negative space
+ Spectral edits: when inserting a new edit, select the edit by default
+ Theme: hit test vol/pan/width labels last even when they are above other controls [t=267524]
+ Undo: do not process deferred undo points if in the middle of a mouse edit
+ Video: fix some WMF decoding issues that were un-fixed by a different WMF decoding fix in v6.60
+ Video: hopefully improve WMF compatibility further
+ Video: fix performance/stability issues when using AVFoundation decoding on a track that does not use media buffering [t=267563]
+ VST: improve initial size behavior with plug-ins that adjust size when UI opens (Kee Bass)
+ Windows: improve appearance of checked bitmap menu items (fades, note head shapes, etc)