REAPER v6.61+dev0621

v6.61+dev0621 - June 21 2022

* Incudes feature branch: render statistics improvements
* Incudes feature branch: media explorer loudness calculation
* Includes feature branch: fixed lane play markers
* Includes feature branch: improve experimental silent-track CPU reduction option to include FX tail length
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
* Includes feature branch: internal pin management overhaul for future extension
+ Media item fixed lanes: add action to insert lane play markers and play only selected items
+ Notation editor: fix occasional missing naturals [t=267973]
+ Render: add menu item/action to display HTML render statistics with file paths hidden [t=268031]
+ Render: display project title and author in HTML render statistics, if they are set
+ VST: allow spaces in reaper-vstplugins.ini filenames [t=267913]
+ VST: reduce re-scanning when plug-in filenames almost collide
# Media item fixed lanes: ARA plugins ignore media on non-playing lanes
# Media item fixed lanes: fix action to set loop points to lane play markers when razor edit areas exist
# Media item fixed lanes: fix editing lane play markers when partial measures exist in the project
# Pan: ensure consistent checkbox state when opening pan law dialog [t=267957]