REAPER v6.65rc1

v6.65rc1 - August 10 2022

* Includes feature branch: pan law/function improvements
+ Audio Units: fix support for AUv3 musical time/tempo/transport state callbacks
+ Automation items: fix behavior of action to split items without changing selection
+ Configuration files: fix various issues for FX shortcut/safemode/etc settings on plug-ins/themes with odd filenames
+ Envelope window: improve appearance with scrollbars and retina displays
+ Envelopes: encode FX envelope name in project file, use when loading with FX offline [t=269009]
+ FX browser: allow configuring defaults per-plugin of want-all-keyboard, TCP/MCP embed, and oversampling
+ FX browser: move compatibility settings to submenu
+ FX: add option to use space key to start/stop transport in plug-in text edit fields [t=268837]
+ FX: add oversample options to floating FX window context menu
+ FX: fix generic UI when last parameter is an enum
+ FX: improve syncing displayed value in generic UI [p=2583032]
+ FX: optimize performance with many docked-but-invisible FX chains [t=267313]
+ FX: when setting compatibility settings, update all open FX instances
+ Grouping matrix: add grouping specific help, accessible via the (?) button
+ Grouping: right-click in grouping matrix opens group settings dialog for already-selected tracks, rather than auto-selecting tracks
+ Linux: improve behavior of text edit fields with ctrl+shortcuts
+ MIDI editor: actions to move edit cursor by grid respect snap setting
+ Media explorer: support typing in preview volume
+ Media items: fix flickering when moving media items across tracks and "automatically display affected envelopes" is enabled
+ Media: sort insert-media file description/extension dropdown in alphabetical order
+ Mouse modifiers: add modifier to move or tilt envelope (fine adjustment)
+ Pan: document ReaScript/API setting for pan law flags
+ Pan: explicitly support constant power, linear taper, or restricted constant power pan functions [p=2571092]
+ Pan: fix implementation of constaint power pan law restricted to linear above -3dB when applying gain compensation
+ Pan: fix pan evaluation offset when stopped [p=2571736]
+ Pan: improve behavior of hybrid taper with certain manually entered pan laws (thanks ErBird) [p=2572055]
+ Pan: only list deprecated pan mode in pan law dialog if the project already has pan mode set that way
+ Pan: rename pan law options to sin/cos taper, linear taper, and hybrid taper
+ Pan: simplify pan law preferences
+ Pan: special case -3dB and -6dB pan law to be exactly equivalent to equal power and equal gain respectively; preserve existing settings in existing projects
+ Razor edits: ignore razor edit areas on envelopes when running action to crossfade media items [p=2579146]
+ ReaGate: implement string to parameter conversion for threshold
+ ReaLimit: fix continuous automation recording [t=268807]
+ Region render matrix: add region render specific help, accessible via the (?) button
+ Region/Marker Manager: fix display glitch when resizing
+ Render: add button to display rendered file in Media Explorer
+ Routing/Grouping/Render matrix: dynamically adjust margins to fit text
+ Theme: fix 3 small issues [p=2581377]
+ Theme: fix mixer send knob 150% image
+ VST3: IContextInfoProvider3 support
+ VST3: fix return value for IContextInfoProvider::setContextInfoValue
+ VST: support IComponentHandler2::setDirty [t=268392]
+ WALTER: fix h variable in tcp.fxembed context [p=2584238]
+ Windows: improve alt-key behavior relating to menu activation and cursor updating
+ macOS: support decoding .rx2 files on native Apple Silicon
# FX: fix delayed plug-in UI opening when showing chains manually [p=2566273]
# FX: fix duplicate parameter label in generic UI for some plugins [p=2584487]
# Pan: ensure consistent checkbox state when opening pan law dialog [t=267957]
# Pan: rename sin/cos taper to sine taper (just as descriptive and a little less odd sounding)
# VST: remove previous allow spaces in reaper-vstplugins.ini filenames function (preserve existing behaviors/bindings/etc)