REAPER v6.65+dev0812

v6.65+dev0812 - August 12 2022

* Includes feature branch: specify channel counts per-region in region render matrix
* Includes feature branch: media item fade editing changes
* Includes feature branch: selected media item appearance changes
* Includes feature branch: track grouping manager dialog
* Includes feature branch: .SD2/PCM/RAW file support
* Includes feature branch: CLAP plugin support
* Includes feature branch: track media/razor edit grouping
* Includes feature branch: improve experimental silent-track CPU reduction option to include FX tail length
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
* Includes feature branch: internal pin management overhaul for future extension
+ Main toolbar: add grouping button context menu action to enable/disable track grouping
+ Notation editor: fix various drawing glitches [t=269232]
+ Notation editor: improve hit testing of dynamics/custom notation [t=269376]
+ Razor edits: fix media item mouse modifier to extend razor edits to item [p=2585455]
+ Routing/grouping matrix: improve appearance of folder expand/collapse icons
+ Track group manager: add columns to show/hide groups in TCP and mixer
+ Track grouping manager: add menu actions to add/remove selected tracks (note, action is incompatible with option to select tracks when selecting group)
+ Track grouping: add actions to automatically group all tracks, or selected tracks, for media/razor editing
+ Track grouping: add menu actions to automatically group tracks for media/razor editing to main grouping toolbar context menu, TCP context menu
+ Track grouping: add theme element for auto-grouped track indicators
+ Track grouping: support customizing track group colors
+ Track grouping: temporarily ignore global preference to change track selection on arrange view click when automatic track grouping of selected tracks is enabled
+ Track manager/Track group manager: prevent re-sorting list while editing
+ Track manager: add column to display track group membership, double-click to open track group settings dialog
+ Track manager: add column to expand/collapse folders
+ VST3: fix VST2 to VST3 state conversion
+ VST3: fix VST2-VST3 mapping for plug-ins with non-alphanumeric characters in their names [t=269523]
# CLAP: fix sending MIDI CC events to plugins that prefer CLAP note events [p=2585111]
# MIDI: retroactive record with overdub for stopped events inserts at edit cursor
# Media item fades: improve editing when using track groups [hp=2584958]
# Render matrix: restore support for adding/removing selected tracks from render list
# Track group manager: fix potential inconsistent row sorting
# Track manager: when setting group membership for a folder track, set all child tracks as well