REAPER v6.68rc1

v6.68rc1 - September 19 2022

* Includes feature branch: media item fade editing changes
+ API: expose realloc_cmd_register_buf/realloc_cmd_clear to C/C++ API
+ Control surfaces: send notifications when FX bypass parameters are automated
+ FLAC: fix occasional fail when embedding image metadata in rendered FLAC file
+ FX: fix CPU metering errors when using instance oversampling
+ MIDI editor: support CC ramps when playing back unsynchronized from project transport [p=2593482]
+ MIDI editor: support CC shapes when scrubbing
+ Media explorer: improve undo behavior when inserting samples into RS5k [t=270372]
+ Media explorer: preserve cached user-overridden metadata when loading filesystem cache that was created in an older version of REAPER [t=270612]
+ Media explorer: when creating database from folder via context menu, name the database "DB: " by default, for consistency
+ Media item fades: fade edits (without relative edge editing) affect other selected item fades as the edited position changes
+ Media item fades: when not using relative edge edit mouse modifier, edit selected item fades only if the fade start and end both line up with the edited item
+ Metadata: fix deadlink to XMP metadata specification
+ Notation editor: more drawing corner case fixes [p=2585984]
+ Pan: fix stereo pan calculation at narrow pans with certain pan laws [t=270792]
+ Performance meter: fix incorrect FX total CPU use readout in percentage mode (6.67 regression) [p=2594183]
+ Project load: improve error message when non-automatable parameter has automation [t=268362]
+ Project load: slightly improve warning message when project elements are not recognized
+ Razor edit: improve reassignment of item groups after split and delete in certain scenarios
+ Razor edits: preserve item grouping when cutting or deleting razor edits with ripple-all-tracks enabled
+ ReaScript: add support to SetRegionRenderMatrix() to force number of rendered channels
+ ReaSurroundPan: do not include channel number when automatically naming channels from receives [p=2596582]
+ Render: after user-cancelled render, render statistics actions and API functions return nothing
# Localization: remove extraneous strings from langpack [scale] section
# Razor edit: fix extra split created when preference enabled to autocrossfade on split [p=2579288]
# Razor edit: fix removing items behind razor edits
# Razor edits: fix split after crossfade action [p=2579552]