REAPER v6.29

v6.29 - May 18 2021

+ Actions: rename "Envelope: Clear envelope" to "Envelope: Clear or remove envelope"
+ API: add hwnd_info hook for improved plug-in global hotkey integration
+ API: fix typo in documentation of IReaperUIEmbedInterface [p=2438620]
+ API: GetSetProjectInfo_String() supports TRACK_GROUP_NAME:x
+ API: run hookpostcommand2 hooks for reascripts and custom actions
+ Automation items: action to create new automation item uses razor edit areas if they exist
+ Envelopes: add "remove envelope" action to envelope control panel context menu
+ Envelopes: fix possible redraw of media lane envelopes when opening project [p=2444590]
+ FX: fix monitoring window persistence when using new undo point option [t=252896]
+ FX: improve embedded FX update frequency when mouse-editing
+ FX: improve docked mixer visibility restoration when adding FX via docked FX browser [t=253330]
+ FX: fix visual display of TCP/MCP parameter knob when parameter min/max is reversed
+ JSFX: allow export_buffer_to_project() to use 64 channels
+ JSFX: effects may now request samplerate for opened media using file_riff(fh,nch='rqsr',srate=desired_samplerate);
+ macOS: rename ARM build to, Intel 64-bit to, update volume labels of disk images
+ Media explorer: add option to preview through track named "Media Explorer Preview"
+ Media explorer: fix re-sorting randomized file list after running action to set file as favorite [p=2437642]
+ Media explorer: fix searching after renaming file
+ Media explorer: refresh display after resetting column order to default
+ Media explorer: support adding additional user-specifiable metadata display columns
+ Media items: when mouse-moving selected area of grouped items, group the remaining right-hand side of items separately from the left-hand side, for consistency with cut/paste behavior
+ Notation: fix key snapping on first beat of local key signature change [t=221385]
+ Notation: improve edit cursor position rounding when using snap to samplerate
+ Notation: assign current voice when inserting notes via "insert note at nearest A/B/C/etc" actions [t=216159]
+ OSC: support touch status for up to 2048 tracks [t=253320]
+ Project bay: show bypass/offline status for FX that are unavailable
+ Project metadata: disallow spaces in IXML element identifiers
+ Razor edit: add razor edit envelope editing behaviors
+ Razor edit: add mouse modifiers to expand or compress envelope range, relative to average value or toward top/bottom
+ Razor edit: ensure that pasted media items remain grouped and pasted automation items remain pooled across tracks
+ Razor edit: fix media item display after pasting razor edit area and zooming [t=252759]
+ Razor edit: skip hidden envelope lanes when marquee-creating razor edit areas with "move envelope points with razor edits" disabled
+ Razor edit: when editing or cutting, group the remaining right-hand side of items separately from the left-hand side [p=2439372]
+ Razor edit: when mouse-copying items, create new groups if necessary
+ ReaPlugs: display more significant digits of ReaDelay/ReaPitch pan position [t=253521]
+ ReaScript: show file/line number for Lua calls to ReaScriptError()
+ ReaScript: improve Lua ReaScriptError() behavior when called from extension-added functions, allow ! prefix to stop script execution
+ ReaScript: support "NUMCHANNELS", "NUMSPEAKERS", "RESETCHANNELS" for ReaSurroundPan via Track/TakeFX_SetNamedConfigParm
+ ReaScript: ReaSurroundPan FX_Get/SetNamedConfigParm("NUMSPEAKERS") will interpret a value like "6S" as 6-channel surround, "8I" as 8-channel ITU, "12A" as 12-channel Auro, etc
+ ReaSurroundPan: add new 2D/3D surround panner plug-in
+ ReaSurroundPan: supports common speaker spatial arrangements and user-customizable arrangements up to 64 inputs/outputs
+ ReaSurroundPan: add actions to display ReaSurroundPan embedded in TCP or MCP
+ ReaSurroundPan: support axis linking (forcing edits to a particular shape on the z-axis)
+ ReaSurroundPan: support editing anchor channel via controller, but does not record automation
+ ReaSurroundPan: support per-channel delay
+ Ruler: add option to display region name when region start is offscreen
+ Ruler: add option to hide region number if region is named
+ Spectral edits: fix issue with playback starting after item loop [t=252747]
+ Spectral edits: improve performance with large numbers of spectral edits
+ Super8: allow drag-drop of samples to channels
+ Super8: improve layouts when UI is resized very wide or very tall
+ Super8: improve MIDI-control behavior when same note/CC is assigned to a channel's record and play controls
+ Theme: add razor_env, razor_env_l, razor_env_r cursors
+ Video: improve default ordering of 2x2 matrix preset [t=252286]
+ VST3: actually support third-party embeddable UIs via IReaperUIEmbedInterface interface [t=252907]


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