REAPER v6.69+dev1026

v6.69+dev1026 - October 26 2022

* Includes feature branch: razor edits on master track envelopes
* Includes feature branch: selected media item appearance changes
* Includes feature branch: track grouping manager dialog
* Includes feature branch: CLAP plugin support
* Includes feature branch: track media/razor edit grouping
* Includes feature branch: improve experimental silent-track CPU reduction option to include FX tail length
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
* Includes feature branch: internal pin management overhaul for future extension
+ Actions: add various actions to render multichannel (parent send only) stems
+ Envelopes: improve redraw of envelope panel knob with touch automation
+ Razor edits: fix splitting on multiple razor edits on the same media item
+ ReaScript: add GetEnvelopeUIState()
+ ReaScript: add SetTrackUI[Volume/Pan/Width/Mute/Solo/RecArm/InputMonitor] with grouping options and fewer side effects than their CSurf_ equivalents
+ ReaScript: allow accessing envelopes for FX parameters that have modulation but no points
+ ReaScript: expose parameter modulation/MIDI link via TrackFX_SetNamedConfigParm
+ ReaScript: extend Take/TrackFX_Get/SetNamedConfigParm to support VST chunk saving/loading via vst_chunk/vst_chunk_program config values
+ ReaScript: improve behavior with Track/TakeFX_AddByName() for JSFX [t=271878]
+ ReaScript: update InsertMedia/InsertMediaSection to support modifying RS5k on arbitrary track index, improve docs
+ Render: add option to render only track channels that are sent to parent
# CLAP: reset plugin buffers on playback start, seek