REAPER v6.70

v6.70 - November 15 2022

+ Actions: add various actions to render multichannel (parent send only) stems
+ Custom action editor: increase column width for long action names [p=2613434]
+ Envelopes: improve redraw of envelope panel and track panel knobs with touch automation
+ Localization: support localizing menu/toolbar names, metronome dotted strings [t=271122]
+ macOS: improve behavior when reordering treeview items by dragging
+ Metadata: fix possible mislabeling of generic metadata in source properties dialog and media explorer
+ Mouse modifiers: sort list of contexts by name [twtr=1583750824177856512]
+ MP3: fix corruption of embedded chapter metadata when mp3 media goes offline [t=272284]
+ Razor edits: when duplicating razor edit area, ignore preference to crossfade on finalizing razor edits [t=272630]
+ Razor edits: fix crash when pasting over a grouped item
+ Razor edits: fix splitting on multiple razor edits on the same media item
+ ReaScript: improve behavior with Track/TakeFX_AddByName() for JSFX [t=271878]
+ ReaScript: support RENDER_TARGETS_EX in EEL2/Lua [t=272114]
+ Render: add option to render only track channels that are sent to parent
+ Render: avoid creating paths for rendered files when dry-run rendering [t=272323]
+ Video: add action to clear cache/re-render frames [t=270994]
+ Video: fix potential resource leak in WMF encoder
+ Video: improve gfx_evalrect, adding _slice, _slices, _slice_size, _span variables
+ Video: fix VLC defaulting to RGB colorspace before first frame is decoded