REAPER v6.71

v6.71 - November 28 2022

+ API: process hook functions for actions that are executed via WM_COMMAND or KBD_OnMainActionEx
+ Batch converter: attempt to preserve original image metadata if possible
+ Batch converter: do not override user-added metadata when preserving source metadata
+ Batch converter: maintain converter-specific metadata rather than using project metadata
+ CLAP: add support for CLAP plugins
+ CLAP: support "cockos.reaper_extension", which returns a reaper_plugin_info_t structure for REAPER API access (see reaper_plugin.h)
+ FLAC: fix occasional failure when embedding image metadata in rendered FLAC file
+ FX: add project setting to auto-bypass plug-ins that report tail length, with user-defined silence threshold
+ FX: add per-instance setting to auto-bypass plug-in (uses automatic tail detection if plug-in does not report tail length)
+ FX: add compatibility setting to force automatic tail detection, allowing plug-ins to opt-in to project auto-bypass
+ FX browser: improve configuration for hiding duplicate plug-ins of different types
+ FX browser: when hiding duplicates, ignore trailing channel counts
+ JSFX: add ext_tail_size in order to support auto-bypass
+ JSFX: update many built-in FX to support auto-bypass
+ Linux: improve keyboard handling for plug-ins
+ Localization: support localizing layout category names, wiring diagram labels, etc [p=2599980]
+ Localization: support longer action names in action dialog/custom actions editor
+ Localization: fix UTF-8 in time-signature marker editor combo box on Windows
+ macOS: fix various incorrectly displayed keyboard shortcuts in menus [t=273068]
+ Media explorer: greatly improve search speed with large databases [t=270722]
+ Media import: ignore numbers that look like sample rates (e.g. "48k") when attempting to interpret tempo from filename
+ Media items: arrange overlapping items by the order the items were added to the track [p=2613674]
+ Metadata: fix possible mislabeling of generic metadata in source properties dialog and media explorer
+ Metadata: optionally include metadata in render and batch converter presets
+ Metadata: support embedding ID3 tags in .aiff files
+ Metadata: support displaying embedded metadata images (cover art, etc) in MP3, FLAC, WAV, AIFF source properties dialog
+ MIDI: fix recording of multiple takes via retroactive record [t=272770]
+ Preferences: add rendering option to disable auto-bypass when using offline render/apply FX/etc
+ Project bay: add FX menu item to toggle auto-bypass
+ ReaPlugs: support silence-processing optimizations
+ ReaScript: improve get_action_context() (see documentation)
+ ReaScript: add GetEnvelopeUIState()
+ ReaScript: add GetSetProjectInfo_String MARKER_INDEX_FROM_GUID: support [t=272406]
+ ReaScript: add param.X.[learn|lfo|acs|plink|mod] to [Track|Take]FX_[Get|Set]NamedConfigParm capabilities
+ ReaScript: add VIDEO_CODE and vst_chunk/vst_chunk_program/clap_chunk to [Track|Take]FX_[Get|Set]NamedConfigParm capabilities
+ ReaScript: add SetTrackUI[Volume/Pan/Width/Mute/Solo/RecArm/InputMonitor/Polarity] with grouping options and fewer side effects than their CSurf_ equivalents
+ ReaScript: add support for numerous keyboard/action-related APIs that were previously C-only
+ ReaScript: allow accessing envelopes for FX parameters that have modulation but no envelope points
+ ReaScript: extend SetProjectMarkerByIndex2 to allow deferred re-sort of project markers [t=272406]
+ ReaScript: update InsertMedia/InsertMediaSection to support modifying RS5k on arbitrary track index, improve docs
+ ReaVerb: fix deconvolution tail trimming
+ ReaVerb: support deconvolution of more than 2 channels [t=272747] [p=2600567]
+ Render: do not automatically set render source to render matrix when opening region manager [t=272752]
+ RS5k: fix undo state issues via RS5k manager script [t=272617]
+ Sends: optimize processing when sends are effectively inactive
+ Video: fix resource leak in WMF colorspace conversion [t=269797]
+ Video: make action to clear cache/re-render frames asynchronous from decoding [p=2614512]
+ Video: restore 6.69 and earlier behavior of _0 in gfx_evalrect() [t=272800]
+ VST: do not use VST3 bus silenceFlags if buggy compatibility mode is set
+ VST: activate/deactivate VST3 busses on the fly in response to pin mapper changes
+ VST: move more of PDC buffer initialization to playback start
+ WAV: prioritize displaying higher-confidence text from embedded cue data [t=272956]
+ WAV: support reading/writing BW64 files (ADM metadata is ignored)
+ Web interface: fix fancier.html record armed track detection with a single track [t=272428]