REAPER v6.72+dev1220

v6.72+dev1220 - December 20 2022

* Includes feature branch: selected media item appearance changes
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ API: add midi editor play cursor preview override API for playtime
+ Audio devices: fix input/output audio channel aliasing when only removing some outputs [t=273424]
+ Grouping: improve some corner case behaviors when track media/razor edit groups are used in addition to automatically grouping selected tracks
+ Media explorer: avoid freeze/redraw when accidentally doing a tiny file drag from file list
+ Media explorer: avoid temporary freeze when accidentally doing a tiny drag from playback preview area
+ Media items: improve display performance when media items have many take markers outside the visible bounds of the item [t=273948]
+ Peak building: fix corner case where peaks would fail to build for some media [t=273919]
+ Razor edit: fix deleting areas on master track envelopes with ripple-all-tracks enabled [p=2625216]
+ Razor edits: fix grouped preview on FIPM and fixed-lane tracks
+ Razor edits: fix grouped preview on FIPM tracks
+ ReaScript: add MEDIA_EDIT_LEAD/MEDIA_EDIT_FOLLOW to documentation for GetSetTrackGroupMembership, etc
+ Render: improve speed of writing outfile.render_stats.html when rendering many files at once [t=273917]
# Grouping: prevent weirdness when grouping razor edits on envelope lanes of fixed lane tracks [p=2625549]
# IDEs/ReaScript: improve/fix win32 international keyboard issues
# Media items: clear grouped item selection preview when disabling item grouping via action
# Media items: make preference to display grouped selection preview enabled by default