REAPER v6.73+dev1227

v6.73+dev1227 - December 27 2022

* Includes feature branch: selected media item appearance changes
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ Media item lanes: actions/mouse modifiers to move razor edit areas up/down rotate through fixed lanes
+ Media item lanes: add action/mouse modifier to copy razor edit area contents to first playing lane
+ Media item lanes: fix actions to solo, record into lane under mouse
+ Media item lanes: support naming/renaming fixed lanes
+ Media item lanes: support playing no lanes
+ Razor edit: add action/mouse modifier to set loop points from razor edit area
+ Razor edit: fix adjusting media item length when using timebase beats (position only) [p=2627203]
+ Razor edit: fix some behaviors when pasting razor edit areas to master track [p=2627688]
+ Razor edits: prevent moving razor edit areas to tempo envelope when using mouse modifier to move razor edit area ignoring envelope type [p=2627676]
+ ReaScript: fix extra characters being sent to gfx_getchar() when using AltGr on Windows [p=2627014]
+ Render wildcards: support case conversion for latin-supplemental accented characters [t=274162]
+ Render: update dialog when changing render region selection [t=274119]
+ Routing: display track parent name in routing dialog title
+ Timestretch: add new ReaReaRea mode that uses randomized overlapped windows and project resampling mode [t=266425]
+ Track grouping: prevent grouping razor edits on master track [p=2627694]
+ VST: add compatibility setting to pass channel silence flags to VST3 plug-ins [t=274038]
# Media item lanes: support actions to solo, record into lane under mouse when mouse is over TCP lane buttons
# Timestretch: improve ordering of simple windowed menu