REAPER v6.73+dev0116a

v6.73+dev0116a - January 16 2023

* Includes feature branch: mouse modifier small ID action binding fix
* Includes feature branch: fixed lane comping
* Includes feature branch: shortcut import/export improvements and multiple main keyboard sections
* Includes feature branch: improve samplerate change behavior when loading projects
* Includes feature branch: VST3 re-map of parameter IDs due to restartComponent
* Includes feature branch: AU parameter list change notification support
* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor screenset improvements
* Includes feature branch: routing matrix/track wiring input activity indicators
* Includes feature branch: preview item selection for grouped tracks
* Includes feature branch: VST3 per-channel silence reporting compatibility option
* Includes feature branch: better .RfxChain media explorer and clipboard integration
* Includes feature branch: ReaReaRea timestretch mode
* Includes feature branch: GR metering as embedded UI for third-party VSTs
* Includes feature branch: JSFX new features and EEL2 preprocessor
* Includes feature branch: render dialog statistics display improvements
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ Accessibility: improve ordering of controls in GetUserInputs() API
+ Media explorer: do not allow shortcuts panel to be resized to exactly zero [t=215631]
+ Media item lanes: add mouse modifier/action to split media items at comp area edges
+ Media item lanes: comp areas respect ripple edit
+ Mouse modifiers: fix crashes when deleting track from media item click/razor edit click
+ Preferences: add setting in Preferences/Seeking to seek playback when clicking on media items
# Media item lanes: allow setting a comp area to editable when there are only two lanes
# Media item lanes: duplicate and sync existing comp areas when duplicating a lane
# Media item lanes: fix action to force sync comp areas skipping unsynced areas
# Media item lanes: improve interaction between item edits on comping lane and editable comp areas [p=2635762]
# Media item lanes: improve undo behavior after item edits when comp areas are set to editable
# Media item lanes: when creating a comp area via right-drag, if no comping lane is set, create a new lane for comping
# Mouse modifiers: remove flag to seek when selecting items via click
# Recording: fix looped take recording in non-laned tracks