REAPER v6.75+dev0206

v6.75+dev0206 - February 6 2023

* Includes feature branch: improvements to aligning takes after recording
* Includes feature branch: improved mousewheel and gesture accuracy
* Includes feature branch: arrange view override mouse modifier sections
* Includes feature branch: toolbar armed/special animations
* Includes feature branch: text/control alignment improvements
* Includes feature branch: pooled and unpooled ARA edits
* Includes feature branch: fixed lane comping
* Includes feature branch: shortcut import/export improvements and multiple main keyboard sections
* Includes feature branch: improve samplerate change behavior when loading projects
* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor screenset improvements
* Includes feature branch: preview item selection for grouped tracks
* Includes feature branch: GR metering as embedded UI for third-party VSTs
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ Automation: add Options/Preserve trailing values when recording automation [p=2643787]
+ Linux: fix cursor blinking in single-line edit control and combobox
+ Linux: improve focus issues when opening modal windows via click/doubleclick
+ Linux: make listview right-click behavior match macOS/Windows
+ Media item lanes: support editing comp area fades/crossfades in comping lane
+ Mute: improve performance when writing mute automation
+ ReaScript: add GetSetProjectInfo_String() RECORD_FORMAT APPLYFX_FORMAT OPENCOPY_CFGIDX [t=275666]
+ VST: fix detection of Surge XT (and other VST3 with sidechain inputs) as instrument
# Media item lanes: add no-edge-attach versions of mouse modifiers to move comp area and split and move media items
# Media item lanes: center crossfades on comp area edges
# Media item lanes: comp area fadeout does not extend beyond the end of the comp area unless crossfaded
# Media item lanes: do not auto-crossfade MIDI items when comping
# Media item lanes: draw 1-pixel divider between lanes
# Media item lanes: fix behavior of moving unlooped MIDI items with comp areas [p=2643923]
# Media item lanes: fix occasional retina overdrawing [p=2643962]
# Toolbar editor: allow configuration of animation for ReaScripts that have not yet set their toggle state