REAPER v6.76

v6.76 - February 28 2023

+ Accessibility: improve tab ordering of various child windows
+ Actions: preserve precision when modifying MIDI CC events via meta-actions
+ Actions: prevent healing an unlooped media item with a copy of itself [p=2647801]
+ API: fix return value for Take/TrackFX_GetNamedConfigParm fx_type on video processors
+ Appearance: improve many small text/control alignment issues
+ Appearance: fix theme rendering bugs with overlay images
+ Audio Units: prevent rebuild of parameter list during render [p=2644358]
+ Automation: add Options/Preserve trailing values when recording automation [p=2643787]
+ Automation: improve behavior when recording and looping
+ Automation: improve performance when writing mute automation
+ Automation items: add preference to record to existing non-selected automation items
+ Automation items: various fixes related to recording to automation items
+ Automation items: when recording automation creates new items, create smaller items if they intersect existing items [p=2645093]
+ Automation items: correctly handle start offsets when inserting/removing time in/from project via action or region move [t=263582]
+ Automation items: improve end-of-automation item chasing logic [t=253541]
+ Automation items: improve glue/draw behavior when in automation item-only envelope mode [t=254996]
+ Automation items: simplify description of 'always record to automation items' option
+ Automation items: when moving, obey media item snap start/end option [t=276017]
+ Automation items: when using trim-behind to split automation items, obey pool-on-split setting [p=2645486]
+ Automation items: fix possibly incorrect results when using AI-only mode, chase non-FX envelopes to AIs [t=276371]
+ CLAP: fix saving of pin mappings in configuration, other bugs
+ CLAP: support build multichannel routing action
+ Editing: fix copying grouped media items on hidden tracks [t=275709]
+ Fades: add preference to not create fades larger than X pixels when splitting (pre-6.69 behavior) [p=2651527]
+ FX: improve behavior when the audio device asynchronously changes samplerate while loading a project
+ FX: improve locking behavior when rescanning VST3/AU parameters
+ FX: update arrange/envelope panel UI after plug-in changes parameter count/info
+ IDEs: improve indentation behavior when copying/pasting multiple lines [t=275533]
+ IDEs: improve shift+click selection logic [t=275575]
+ Linux: fix cursor blinking in single-line edit controls and comboboxes
+ Linux: fix hit testing/focus issues with some window managers when using back-to-back modal dialogs
+ Linux: improve focus issues when opening modal windows via click/doubleclick
+ Linux: improve keyboard behavior in MIDI editor grid/etc comboboxes
+ Linux: make listview right-click behavior match macOS/Windows
+ Lyrics.lua: support UTF-8 text editing
+ macOS: allow numpad enter to close various modeless windows [t=276154]
+ macOS: improve behavior of enter/return keys in non-REAPER FX plug-in windows [p=2650299] [t=257570]
+ Media item properties: improve behavior of enter/return key (applies and closes if not docked, use shift modifier to only apply)
+ Media item properties: improve tab order
+ MIDI: do not chase NRPN when seeking or splitting
+ MIDI: fix incorrect extension of non-looped MIDI item in overdub mode [t=276255]
+ MIDI: fix potential issue with sorting (and CC reset) when using input monitoring and media [t=275945]
+ MIDI: global option to not chase MIDI note-ons also prevents chasing of MIDI CC/PC/pitch [t=206865]
+ MIDI: when disabling note chasing via option, fix cases where note starting exactly at edit cursor may not get played
+ MIDI: fixed looped item detection when splitting MIDI items [t=275958]
+ MIDI: add preference to disable CC/PC chasing when splitting MIDI items
+ MIDI editor: improve mousewheel behavior with fast moves [t=276111]
+ MIDI editor: rename named notes/drum map action for consistency with menu items
+ MIDI editor: when extending item by adjusting loop point, set item length to match tick-rounded source length [t=257512]
+ MIDI editor: overhaul screenset behavior [t=273783]
+ Mouse: improve precision of mouse gestures and mousewheel when bound to actions
+ MusicXML: fix gracenote export [t=276361]
+ MusicXML: fix import of tempo and gracenotes
+ Notation editor: improve handscroll behavior
+ Notation editor: improve mousewheel scroll behavior [t=276111]
+ Notation editor: improve scroll calculation logic [t=211293]
+ Performance: avoid audio underruns in background projects when reordering project via region move
+ Project bay: fix issues with the occasional dynamically generated menu item performing the wrong action
+ ReaScript: add GetSetProjectInfo_String() RECORD_FORMAT APPLYFX_FORMAT OPENCOPY_CFGIDX [t=275666]
+ ReaScript: add SendMIDIMessageToHardware()
+ ReaScript: fix Ctrl+A-Z return values for gfx_getchar() on macOS [t=275451]
+ ReaSynth: fix text field behavior with automated parameters [t=276571]
+ Render: allow resizing render process/statistics window
+ Ripple editing: when inserting time in project via action, avoid adding redundant tempo markers [p=2643628]
+ RPL import: support importing multiple .rpl files at once via file browser
+ RPL import: improve user interface when duplicates are present
+ Solo: alt+clicking solo buttons on soloed tracks now toggles solo type, improve solo menu behavior [t=273468]
+ Take implosion: allow items to be imploded into multiple overlapping items [t=153354]
+ Take implosion: improve slight-overlap detection logic
+ Take markers: fix drawing glitch with vertical scroll [t=275366]
+ Transport: improve time readout/status readout cross-platform alignment (updates default theme)
+ Undo: don't include tcp/mcp fx/send list offsets in undo state
+ Undo: exclude registered project extension state from undo [p=2514972]
+ Undo: fix latent undo changes being added when inserting new tracks [t=276071]
+ Undo: undo points are now added for snap items actions [t=276517]
+ Undo: fix incorrect reset of group override on undo/redo [t=276116]
+ Vertical zoom: overhaul, allow more fractional zoom state
+ Vertical zoom: add preference for maximum vertical zoom
+ Vertical zoom: add new and default actions for mousewheel zoom that do not snap to theme-defined sizes
+ VST3: support 7.1.4, 9.1.4, and 9.1.6 speaker layouts (for FabFilter etc)
+ VST3: fix detection of Surge XT (and other VST3 with sidechain inputs) as instrument
+ VST3: respond to MIDI PC/Learn on plug-ins that have no MIDI input buses
+ Windows: fix return key behavior on various buttons including Preferences