REAPER v6.78

v6.78 - March 14 2023

+ Accessibility: improve description of render postprocessing (normalize/limit/fade)
+ Actions: add action to maximize height of selected items in free item positioning mode
+ Actions: fix time selection sometimes being cleared when running action to set tempo from selection [t=266880]
+ FX: enable actions for last tweaked parameter for non-track FX
+ FX: show built-in VST/AU/LV2 preset names in FX browser/project bay [t=276743]
+ FX: fix loading of REAPER presets for VST shell plug-ins in FX browser/Project Bay [t=276743]
+ FX: show video processors in project bay
+ FX: show video processor presets in FX browser
+ MIDI: apply preference for filename format for recorded files to recorded in-project MIDI items [p=2654713]
+ MIDI: auto-name new MIDI items similarly to new audio media items, without "untitled MIDI item"
+ MIDI: snap edge edits to start/end points of non-looping but pooled MIDI items
+ MIDI editor: improve performance when removing MIDI items/switching editor contexts [t=274637]
+ MIDI editor: fix window position saving when maximized/zoomed on Linux/macOS
+ MIDI editor: screensets include maximized/zoomed window state
+ MIDI editor: when restoring screensets, obey preference for opening all project or all track MIDI
+ Project tabs: doubleclick empty area in tab list to create new tab [t=263589]
+ Render: $marker wildcard matches the first marker within the rendered time range, or latest marker before the start [t=276600]
+ Render: display correct file length in render statistics chart when using custom project playrate [t=276806]
+ Render: display peaks for the file that is selected in render statistics list view
+ Render: fix displaying extra rows in render statistics when using secondary render format and rendering multiple files [t=276837]
+ Snap: do not snap to phantom loop points of non-looping items [t=276830]
+ Track panels: improve tooltips for FX bypass button with no FX
+ Vertical zoom: fix issues with themes that have duplicate common heights defined [t=276801]
+ VST: change 12/14/16 channel mode priority to default to 6.75 behavior [t=276901]
+ Windows: fix keyboard focus on various rename windows