REAPER v6.78+dev0330

v6.78+dev0330 - March 30 2023

* Includes feature branch: fixed lane collapsing
* Includes feature branch: configurable naming for in-project MIDI items
* Includes feature branch: updated Windows manifest for newer OS features
* Includes feature branch: always running non-bypassed FX when the UI is visible
* Includes feature branch: crossfade new recording with existing media items if configured
* Includes feature branch: video from background projects
* Includes feature branch: FX containers
* Includes feature branch: improvements to aligning takes after recording
* Includes feature branch: arrange view override mouse modifier sections
* Includes feature branch: toolbar armed/special animations
* Includes feature branch: pooled and unpooled ARA edits
* Includes feature branch: fixed lane comping
* Includes feature branch: shortcut import/export improvements and multiple main keyboard sections
* Includes feature branch: preview item selection for grouped tracks
* Includes feature branch: GR metering as embedded UI for third-party VSTs
* Includes feature branch: media item fixed lanes
+ Click source: fix glitch at start of playback with take FX that use PDC [t=277406]
+ FX: avoid audio-thread reset of FX when moving between chains with different oversampling set
+ JSFX: fix loading JSFX from subdirectory of project Effects directory [t=274578]
+ JSFX: support plug-in defined compile-time configuration parameters
+ MIDI: prevent hang on extremely long corrupt midi files
+ MIDI: when creating new items, snap position to PPQ [t=271205]
+ Media item lanes: add mouse modifiers to move or copy comp area and media items on all lanes together
+ Pencil drawing: fix potential unsafe memory access when drawing new MIDI items
+ REX: fix memory leak when exploding items
+ ReaVerb: fix gain issues with resampling of certain impulse response files [t=277406]
+ Super8: support from 1 to 48 channels (default is 8)
+ Track metering: when using pre-fader metering, show meters for muted/unsoloed tracks
+ Zoom: allow mouse-centered vertical zoom to target the interior of a track
# MIDI devices: fix macOS dark mode appearance issues
# Media item lanes: automatically play new inserted lane when lanes are collapsed
# Media item lanes: don't display lane name for unsynced comp areas
# Media item lanes: ignore "move comp area and media items together" mouse modifier on unsynced comp areas
# Media item lanes: improve cleaning up bits of media items left behind by comp area edits
# Media item lanes: treat double-click on lane collapse button as a 2nd click
# Pencil drawing: optimize CPU/memory use when drawing new MIDI items