REAPER v6.30

v6.30 - July 3 2021

+ Actions: add actions to calculate loudness of selected items/tracks/selection via dry-run render
+ Actions: do not modify collapsed state of selected non-folder tracks when cycling through collapsed state for folder tracks
+ API: fix deadlock with MIDI_GetAllEvts() and buffer too small [t=254625]
+ Automation items: add preference to pool/unpool automation items when split due to media item edit or razor edit
+ Automation items: filter out duplicate points on load [t=254759]
+ Automation items: fix hang/slowness when adjusting very large automation items [t=254759]
+ Batch converter: support normalizing to target peak or loudness level when converting
+ Consolidate: support wildcards in consolidated file name
+ Envelopes: fix incorrect minuscule gain at unity on fader-scaled volume envelopes [t=254859]
+ Envelopes: fix unexpected behavior when moving multiple sets of envelope points with no transition time between selected and unselected points [t=254611]
+ FX: improve AU:/VST: prefix removal for shortened FX names [t=255061]
+ FX: improve reporting of play state/position when using "stop playback at end of loop if repeat is disabled" [p=2456199]
+ IDE: ctrl+doubleclick on function name jumps to function, normal doubleclick selects function name
+ JSFX: plugins can now detect if embedded in TCP/MCP via built-in variable gfx_ext_flags
+ JSFX: add loudness meter plugin (supports true peak, RMS, LRA, LUFS-M, LUFS-S, LUFS-I)
+ JSFX: export_buffer_to_project() can take a planar_pitch parameter to allow exporting planar multichannel content
+ JSFX: plugin can dynamically show/hide sliders via new slider_show() function
+ JSFX: optimize x86_64 (now supporting SSE), aarch64, armv7l code generation
+ LV2: fix multichannel non-default pin mapping state on project load [t=254704]
+ macOS: improve appearance of fade menu items when using dark mode [t=254007]
+ macOS: improve JSFX, Video Processor and EEL2 ReaScript performance when running under Rosetta2 on M1-powered macs
+ Master metering: support LUFS-M, LUFS-S, LUFS-I, LRA loudness metering in mixer and/or track control panel
+ Master metering: apply loudness display gain but not display offset to loudness readout numbers
+ Master metering: improve mixer meter RMS/loudness readout appearance contrast
+ Master metering: support oversampled peak metering (true peak)
+ Media explorer: fix formatting of absolute paths from tree browser on linux/macOS
+ Meters: more informative tooltips
+ MIDI: fix duplicate CC values being sent at the start of linear/bezier curves
+ MIDI: fix editing event properties from list editor with filter applied [t=254671]
+ Project bay: improve drag-drop preview and cursor behavior
+ Project bay: improve handling of MIDI items and tempo changes (existing retained items will have to be re-retained to include QN information) [t=243315]
+ Razor edit: fix context menu inconsistency when razor edit mouse modifiers are remapped [p=2445668]
+ Razor edit: fix positioning of initial transition envelope point [p=2450795]
+ ReaScript: add GetEnvelopeInfo_Value(I_SEND_IDX) and GetEnvelopeInfo_Value(P_DESTTRACK)
+ ReaScript: add GetSetMediaTrackInfo(B_SOLO_DEFEAT) and GetSetMediaTrackInfo(B_AUTO_RECARM)
+ ReaScript: add GetSetProjectInfo_String(RENDER_STATS) to retrieve statistics for the most recently rendered files
+ ReaScript: add GetSetProjectInfo_String(RENDER_METADATA) to retrieve list of all defined project metadata identifiers [t=254407]
+ ReaScript: add GetSetProjectInfo_String(RENDER_NORMALIZE) and GetSetProjectInfo_String(RENDER_NORMALIZE_TARGET)
+ ReaScript: support running a caller-specified action before returning render statistics (see API help for details)
+ ReaTune: enable embedded TCP/MCP view for tuner
+ Render: support normalizing rendered files (except video) to target peak, true peak, or loudness (RMS or LUFS)
+ Render: allow rendering to primary/secondary of the same type (e.g. wav 16-bit and 24-bit, $bitdepth recommended in wildcard)
+ Render: apply dither/noise shaping to secondary render format if enabled and format supports
+ Render: calculate and display peak, true peak (when enabled), clips/overs, RMS, LUFS, LRA (loudness range) for each rendered file
+ Render: draw peaks on first pass of 2nd pass render
+ Render: ignore preference to auto-close render dialog if normalizing or dry-run rendering
+ Render: optionally mark clips/overs (samples over +0dbFS) in render peaks display
+ Render: show first actual file used when rendering to multiple files that are autodisambiguated
+ Render: show percentage complete in render processing dialog
+ Render: support dry run rendering (everything is processed as normal, but no output files are written)
+ Render: support normalizing rendered stems to master mix peak or loudness
+ Render: support substituting user-provided string for master $track wildcard
+ Render queue: add button to cancel all remaining renders [t=234691]
+ Super8: allow controlling loop length, synchronization mode via automatable parameters
+ Super8: fix cell alignment [t=254982]
+ Super8: fix off-by-one-sample error in first-pass recording
+ Super8: add per-channel length-division setting
+ Super8: when adding loops to project, export linked channels as stereo file
+ System: update zlib to 1.12.11 and libpng to 1.6.37
+ Tracks: prevent tiny volume change on initial track fader click [t=191454]
+ Undo: fix state adding when inserting new MIDI or empty items via action/menu item (6.24 regression) [t=255164]
+ Video: add option to choose which monitor is used for fullscreen display
+ VST3: support bridging/firewalling of VST3 plug-ins
+ VST3: add IPlugInterfaceSupport, for plugins to request compatibility features
+ VST3: add IMidiLearn interface support
+ VST3: avoid threading conflicts when processing expression and keyswitch information
+ VST3: internal threading changes to MIDI controller and program change handling
+ VST3: require bundle/module/dll entry-points to match Cubase/VST3 spec
+ Windows: improve installer behavior when choosing Portable checkbox after editing installation path [t=253741]