REAPER v6.79rc1

v6.79rc1 - April 20 2023

* Includes feature branch: configurable naming for in-project MIDI items
+ API: fix return value for Take/TrackFX_GetNamedConfigParm fx_type for CLAP plugins
+ API: improve responsiveness of MIDI_EnumSelEvts() etc with MIDI listview open [t=277095]
+ API: update UI in response to setting various send parameters [t=278144]
+ ARA: mark project dirty when the plugin informs REAPER that the audio modifications have changed
+ FX browser: include saved chains in All Plugins view
+ FX oversampling: fix possible crash when used with classic per-FX PDC [p=2666792]
+ FX: avoid audio-thread reset of FX when moving between chains with different oversampling set
+ FX: improve behavior with certain FX and parameter changes when in automation-read mode [t=278152]
+ FX: rename-FX window uses modal window positioning preference
+ Hardware outputs: improve quality when muting/unmuting tracks that have hardware outputs
+ IDEs: improve syntax highlighting around EEL2 preprocessor-text
+ JSFX: effects can now check reaper_version and max_nch from their preprocessor
+ JSFX: fix loading JSFX from subdirectory of project Effects directory [t=274578]
+ JSFX: fix project state for high numbers of sliders with very large values
+ JSFX: fix state encoding of more than 64 sliders with no preset name set
+ MIDI export: avoid creating non-standard .mid files with high PPQN divisions
+ MIDI import: fix possible off-by-one-tick timing of event at end of track [t=278370]
+ MIDI: add preference for media item name wildcard format for in-project MIDI items
+ MIDI: allow configuring PPQN when exporting project MIDI
+ MIDI: attempt to import text meta-messages (like track title) from possibly non-compliant type 1 MIDI files [t=278193]
+ MIDI: name new in-project MIDI items with the track name, regardless of whether the item was recorded or created via action
+ MIDI: prevent hang on extremely long corrupt midi files
+ Media explorer: add actions to edit metadata tags
+ Menus: allow customization of MIDI CC lane context menu prior to first display [t=278076]
+ Multimonitor: improve behavior of floating windows opening to secondary monitors
+ Multimonitor: improve behavior when repositioning offscreen windows
+ Notation: improve PDF export support for latin-1 characters in lyrics/etc [t=276251]
+ Pencil drawing: fix potential unsafe memory access when drawing new MIDI items
+ Pin connector window: improve scrollbar behavior
+ ReaScript: EEL ReaScripts can now check reaper_version from their preprocessor
+ ReaScript: allow renaming FX via TrackFX_SetNamedConfigParm(renamed_name), also allow querying pre-renamed name via FX_GetNamedConfigParm(original_name) [t=276873]
+ ReaVerb: fix gain issues with resampling of certain impulse response files [t=277406]
+ Recording: improve record pass logic [t=277944] [t=254484]
+ Render: Fix embedding performer, songwriter, ISRC metadata in CUE files [t=277790]
+ Routing window: improve display of new destination channels in menu [p=2666998]
+ Sends: add options to have sends, hardware outputs unaffected by mute/solo
+ Sends: apply mute fades to post-fader sends when muting/unmuting tracks
+ Subprojects: fix potential crash when pasting subproject and copy media on paste is enabled [t=278130]
+ Super8: add optional per-channel fadeout of configurable loop-length multiple [t=275137]
+ Super8: avoid small glitch when stopping the last channel
+ Super8: fix quirky behavior when the same CC is used to record multiple channels [t=260223]
+ Super8: improve quality and performance of reverse function [p=2646530]
+ Super8: use quadratic fades when starting/stopping playback (previously exponential)
+ Take envelopes: improve matching logic when copying envelopes from take to take via drag and drop
+ Terminology: update various Pre-FX labels to be 'Pre-Fader (Pre-FX)'
+ Tooltips: improve behavior with inactive windows [p=2666362]
+ Tooltips: improve behavior with toolbars and inactive application
+ Track group dialog: support changing group color
+ Track grouping matrix: only display tooltips when mouse is over a meaningful area
+ Track grouping: add button to track grouping dialog to remove track from other groups
+ Track metering: when using pre-fader metering, show meters for muted/unsoloed tracks
+ Undo: restore saving of project extension state in undo, extensions should be updated to only include undo-relevant state in these config blocks [t=277781] [p=2514972]
+ VST3: Hopefully fix compatibility with plugins that report track context (like Console 1) [t=264048]
+ VST: add compatibility setting to ignore VST3 setDirty calls
+ VST: possible fix for VST3 that respond to query requests as mono [t=278182]
+ Vertical zoom: fix (yet again) zooming logic for certain themes
+ Video: effects can now check reaper_version from their preprocessor
+ Web interfaces: more_me supports track names that end in spaces [t=278143]
+ Windows: x64 installer installs drivers for both x64 and x86 if ReaRoute enabled
+ macOS: improve Media Explorer performance with large item counts
+ macOS: improve selection-related performance in MIDI event list
+ macOS: improve selection-related performance of project bay
+ macOS: improve selection-related performance when various managers have large numbers of visible items
+ macOS: optimize various listviews for large item counts
+ macOS: workaround Ventura multimonitor issue by deferring initialization of windows until after applicationDidFinishLaunching: completes
# VST: fix setting compatibility option to report master track context as track 0 via FX browser
# Hardware outputs: fix unsolo behavior [p=2663007]
# Hardware outputs: reduce artifacts when soloing/unsoloing other tracks
# Listviews: fix actions dialog default selection
# Loopback audio: fix glitches/latency issues when changing block size
# Media items: internal optimization for editing crossfades
# Record: fix record pass logic for MIDI items [p=2667649]
# Sends: fix slight glitch with pre-fader sends surviving mute
# VST3: Revert compatibility option to report master track context as track 0 (was a workaround for Console 1 issue that is now fixed)