REAPER v6.32+dev0713

v6.32+dev0713 - July 13 2021

* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor note reordering
* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ ReaScript: fix return value of InsertAutomationItem function when option enabled to trim automation items behind edits [t=255545]
+ Track VU: support RMS stereo metering
# FX pin connector dialog: improve initial sizing with different window border thicknesses
# MIDI editor: remember whether custom note view was active when switching from drum view to piano keys and back
# MIDI editor: when in custom note view, actions to hide unused/unnamed note rows modify custom view
# Track VU: fix theme color for loudness readout in horizontal mode
# Track VU: preserve playback peak metering behavior when record-armed and metering track output
# Track VU: support post-fader loudness metering