REAPER v6.81

v6.81 - July 4 2023

+ Accessibility: improve description of default track record settings button in preferences
+ Accessibility: add preference to use standard (screen-reader accessible) OS editing control for video processor code
+ Accessibility: improve keyboard navigation of video processor presets
+ Actions window: add 'second/2nd' as default synonyms
+ Actions window: allow removing shortcut by hitting delete while shortcut list focused
+ API: fix inconsistent rounding for TrackFX_FormatParamValue on bypass envelopes
+ ARA: fix potential click at media item end when ARA plugin affects timing of output
+ AU: fix restoring UI size for AUv3 plugins
+ Command line: add batch file converter config file parameter to limit CPU core usage [t=279669]
+ Custom menus/toolbars: fix adding multiple actions at once [p=2682322]
+ FX: when adding multiple FX at once to per-take FX, ensure the track has enough channels
+ Import: if media file contains tempo metadata and filename also suggests a tempo, prefer the metadata tempo
+ Import: when tempo-matching, respect tempo embedded in metadata even if the resulting file length is a fractional number of beats [t=275512]
+ Linux: multiple-instance checking automatically detects and ignores separate installs
+ macOS: improve multiple-instance checking (option in preferences/general, automatically detect separate installs)
+ Media items: improve precision when mouse-editing take markers
+ Metadata: attempt to resolve embedded image file relative to project path
+ MIDI: allow entering text events of any length [t=273491]
+ MIDI: fix potential skipped or doubled MIDI notes when splitting by channel [t=278852]
+ MIDI: fix re-importing MIDI that was exported from REAPER with linear tempo changes [t=279354]
+ ReaSurroundPan: support manually entering non-normalized envelope point values [t=280414]
+ Save as: when using trim and stretch markers, better handle corner cases [t=280192]
+ Silence removal: fix behavior when processing multiple media items on the same track [t=279498]
+ Track icons: improve cross-platform compatibility with subdirectory resolution [t=279438]
+ Video: improve UI for audio preferences in video source properties dialog