REAPER v6.33rc1

v6.33rc1 - July 19 2021

+ Bridging: prevent plug-ins from hanging exiting bridge process on macOS
+ Dockers: fix FX chain docker restoration when loading projects (requires re-save of existing projects)
+ Dockers: slight tweak to default ordering of new tabs
+ FX: allow pin mapper dialog to be very large when first opened if the track has many channels
+ FX: improve UI-destruction order when closing floating windows (for buggy plug-ins)
+ FX: remove global option for plugin bridging, bridging options should be controlled per-plugin via FX browser
+ IDEs: fix incorrect interpretation of certain alt-gr keys [t=255563]
+ IDEs: support shift+tab without selection [t=255564]
+ JSFX: ensure IDE is not completely offscreen when showing [t=255478]
+ JSFX: prevent reentrancy of @gfx code when TCP embedded and adding media on Windows [t=255367]
+ Loudness metering: increase loudness calculation update frequency in master VU and render statistics
+ Master VU: clearer preferences for loudness metering and readout value
+ Media explorer: show folders with system file attribute on Windows [t=236567]
+ Media item properties: avoid small changes to take volume/pan when clicking but not dragging fader [t=191454]
+ Media item properties: improve sizing behavior with scrollbar visible
+ Preferences: add IDE color preset configuration to ReaScript tab
+ Project files: allow filenames to contain quotes on supported platforms
+ ReaScript: add IDE option to have doubleclick function name jump to function
+ ReaScript: fix return value of InsertAutomationItem function when option enabled to trim automation items behind edits [t=255545]
+ ReaSurroundPan: update display consistently after editing custom speaker name [t=255718]
+ Render: add action to jump to position of first rendered sample over +0dB
+ Render: add action to open render statistics in web browser
+ Render: add separate actions to calculate mono loudness of selected tracks via dry run render
+ Render: add support for copying render statistics to clipboard
+ Render: always report all of lufs-m max, lufs-s max, lufs-i when displaying render statistics in web browser or API request
+ Render: display file format in HTML render statistics
+ Render: display file length and channel count (if mixed) to HTML render statistics report
+ Render: display overall render progress indicator
+ Render: display sample rate and channel count of dry run render
+ Render: don't display file extension during dry-run render
+ Render: fix dither/noise shaping when rendering stems [t=255450]
+ Render: fix normalizing stems to common gain based on master normalization when rendering multiple regions
+ Render: if true peak is calculated, don't display regular peak in render statistics (everything is still displayed in web browser view)
+ Render: improve peaks display when rendering very short files
+ Render: inform user when normalizing may cause relative levels of rendered files to change
+ Render: make it clearer when normalization is enabled
+ Render: re-fix render peaks display [p=2461827]
+ Render: support normalizing stems to common gain based on normalizing master, even if not rendering master mix
+ Render: when rendering multiple files, display as much path as needed to disambiguate files
+ Routing windows: avoid small changes to send volume/pan when clicking but not dragging fader
+ Routing windows: avoid small changes to track volume when clicking but not dragging fader
+ Routing windows: improve mousewheel behavior on volume/pan faders [p=2462863]
+ Scrub: allow configurable maximum jog rate of 1x/2x/4x/8x (default 2x)
+ Scrub: prevent audio dropouts when adding undo point that does not affect items
+ Theme: fix customizing master track VU readout text color in TCP [t=255486]
+ Track panels: improve display of track routing when shift+dragging to create multiple sends
+ Tracks: avoid small changes to track pan/width when clicking but not dragging faders
+ VST3: bridged plug-ins support IMidiLearn interface
+ VST3: bridged plug-ins support IMidiMapping interface
+ Wildcards: fix $namenumber wildcard [t=255473]
+ Wildcards: support marker/region names consisting of separated name=value pairs using $marker(name)[separator] and $region(name)[separator] (see wildcard help)
# FX pin connector dialog: improve initial sizing with different window border thicknesses
# Master VU: support UTF-8 localization in all master VU settings dropdowns
# Render: display system progress bar for render progress
# Render: fix format output display when normalizing stems to master but not rendering master
# Render: handle UTF-8 correctly when right-justifying filenames in stats
# Render: right-justify filename display in file dialog if it's too long to display all of it