REAPER v6.82

v6.82 - August 23 2023

+ Accessibility: improve labels for time signature edit window
+ Actions: add 'unpool' / 'un-pool' as default synonyms
+ Actions: detect and support multi-word synonyms [t=278803]
+ Actions: ignore leading/trailing non-word characters when matching synonyms [t=281502]
+ API: better support for extension-created click sources and multi-project support
+ ARA: fix possible hang when ARA plugin analyzes media with negative start-in-source offset
+ Batch converter: support preserving metadata when converting from media items [t=260528]
+ CLAP: fix incorrect measure start value sent to plugins [t=281032]
+ FX: fix issues when per-FX PDC mode is combined with auto-bypass [p=2700214]
+ FX: improve performance metering responsiveness when muting tracks [t=281827]
+ JSFX: support EEL2 preprocessor include()
+ JSFX: reduce memory use for multiple instances of plug-ins that load images [t=276120]
+ Localization: fix a few missing localizations [t=271122]
+ Localization: allow using semicolon as a synonym delimiter if first character of synonym list is a semicolon
+ LV2: non-automatable patch parameter support including atom:Path filename selection [t=252480]
+ macOS: fix various retina-related display glitches (e.g. zoomed-in item labels)
+ macOS: optimize Metal drawing for various contexts, improving behavior for some multimonitor M2 systems [t=280085] [t=280242]
+ Metadata: snap BPM auto-detected from filename to samplerate
+ Metadata: support 5.0 and 6.0 WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE channel layouts [t=281187]
+ MIDI editor: improve mousewheel event adjustment via action [t=281886]
+ Mixer: improve click descriptions for send context menu
+ Mouse: envelope control panel respects preference to ignore mousewheel on all faders
+ Mouse: respect preference to reverse mousewheel when scrolling TCP [p=2699501]
+ Navigator: display items correctly in free item positioning tracks
+ Preferences: move preference to control track parenting when mouse-dragging to Editing Behavior/Mouse page
+ Project bay: display bridged status in performance column, allow filtering to match this status
+ Project bay: do not delete folder when un-retaining media in multiple selection [t=281828]
+ Project bay: support dragging media from project bay to add-track area
+ Project bay: when in FX tab, filtering searches preset, developer, type
+ Project bay: when matching FX, allow words to be matched from different columns
+ Project tabs: improve display of monitoring FX button when there are many project tabs [t=280658]
+ Project tabs: show full project path and info in tooltip [t=276194]
+ Raw PCM media: add button to source properties dialog to reload media (after editing .rsrc definition file)
+ ReaScript: allow gfx_showmenu() without gfx_init() on Windows [p=2697068]
+ ReaScript: support EEL2 preprocessor include()
+ ReaScript: reduce memory use for common images [t=276120]
+ ReaScript: optimize Lua table watching
+ Tabs: show tooltips for tabs that have truncated text
+ Take: fix various behaviors when reversing take via action [t=280742]
+ Windows: fix UTF-8 issues in various combo boxes [t=279632]