REAPER v6.33+dev0729

v6.33+dev0729 - July 29 2021

* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor note reordering
* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ FX: improve default position saving behavior [p=2467019]
+ FX: workaround weird issues with RealGuitar on Win64 [p=2465441]
+ LV2: fix incorrect meaningless timestamps when passing control messages from UI to plug-in
+ Master VU: faster loudness meter response when preference enabled to reset meters on play/seek [p=2467063]
+ Theme: add meter_strip_h_rms image, consistently use loudness meter theme elements for tracks that are set to meter loudness
# Actions: handle running action to move media items to/from hidden child tracks multiple times
# Master VU: clear loudness meter when clearing peaks, even for background projects [t=256000]
# Media item properties: don't auto-update dialog while user is editing take volume or pan