REAPER v6.83

v6.83 - October 11 2023

+ CLAP: fix recording automation in touch mode [t=279975]
+ CLAP: round MIDI velocity values returned from plugins [t=282782]
+ Crossfades: fix grouped crossfade edits potentially coming ungrouped in certain situations [p=2719056]
+ Drag and drop: fix potential crash [t=283153]
+ JSFX/EEL2: fix function return value passing to variadic functions on arm [t=283146]
+ lv2: fix support for patches defined in manifest
+ macOS: fix potential metal drawing glitches when changing from retina to non-retina layouts
+ macOS: fix minor retina drawing errors
+ Marker/region manager: support importing multiple markers/regions with the same time position
+ Media items: improve multiple selection behavior when editing crossfade or shared media item edges [t=282099]
+ MIDI editor: reset note start time when switching quantization to note end or length only [t=279033]
+ MIDI editor: do not display inactive takes after switching takes [t=278959]
+ MIDI editor: enable solo feature for position-in-measure and length settings in MIDI filter
+ MIDI editor: fix undo when editing left edge of parent item [t=282888]
+ MIDI editor: improve color matching when coloring notes by track or media item
+ MIDI editor: various note-length setting actions now auto-extend MIDI items according to preference
+ Preferences: if the current color theme overrides media item coloring preferences, display the theme-set preferences (grayed out) in Preferences/Appearance/Peaks/Waveforms
+ Preferences: use actions window synonyms option when searching
+ Project metadata: do not commit metadata if user presses escape key while editing
+ Project tabs: improved tooltip positioning [t=282853]
+ Razor edits: copy fade-in/fade-out if any part of the fade is included in the razor edit
+ ReaScript: properly syntax highlight Lua hex-fp numbers [t=283252]
+ ReaScript: update parameter modulation window when changing parameter link settings [t=283206]
+ ReaScript: preserve FXID (if unique to project) when pasting FX/importing track templates
+ Recent projects: if holding alt/opt when opening a recent project from menu, load with FX offline
+ Recording: fix take record pass related functionality when loop recording [t=283127]
+ Render: improve error message when saved render format is not available [t=282191]
+ Takes: do not auto-force-offline inactive takes which are surrounded by one or more empty takes
+ Track manager: improve resizing behavior on macOS
+ Track panels: improve cursor feedback when reordering tracks/making folders
+ Track panels: tweak folder drag destination area to be middle third of left fifth of TCP
+ Track reordering: improve drag and drop behavior when dragging a track in-place
+ Track templates: fix incorrect loading of certain track template content (e.g. some video processors) [t=281970]
+ VST: order MIDI output from plugins to prioritize plugin-generated bank select messages [t=282171]
+ VST: support VST3 preset paths on Linux
+ Windows: fix keystrokes potentially being ignored immediately after alt+mousedrag