REAPER v6.34+dev0811

v6.34+dev0811 - August 11 2021

* Includes feature branch: MIDI editor note reordering
* Includes feature branch: media item lanes
+ Automation: obey grid/snap settings when using freehand draw
+ Automation: restore 6.33 behavior when adding a single point via freehand draw [t=256406]
+ Render: separate render statistics header for clearer display when rendering many files
+ Render: support enabling LUFS-I/LUFS-M and LRA/LUFS-S statistics separately
+ Track VU: add metering settings submenu to track context menu as well as track VU context menu
# Master VU: localize loudness meter settings dropdown
# Media item lanes: fix lane position after gluing [p=2471440]
# Meters: improve readout display on very small sizes
# Track meters: correct label tooltips for RMS vs LUFS