REAPER v7.001+dev1018

v7.001+dev1018 - October 18 2023

* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Actions: report toolbar button feedback for deprecated mouse modifier actions [p=2721945]
+ Comp areas: fix some potential undo glitches [p=2722176]
+ Grid: respect 'measure' grid setting when splitting item on grid, moving cursor by grid, etc [p=2722052]
+ Lanes: improve behavior when moving/copying items between tracks with collapsed lanes [t=283682]
+ ReaSurroundPan: optimize initialization process
+ ReaSurroundPan: support up to 128 inputs
+ Super8: fix potential audio errors when recording very long loops
+ Track grouping: split items on grouped tracks if most of the item is within the bounds of the selected item [t=283664] [p=2719354]
+ Track groups: fix split behavior [t=283664]
+ Video: fix video processor editor mousewheel on macOS
# Comp areas: more improvements to interaction between comp areas and project region editing
# Preferences: enable 'Apply' button when changing certain MIDI preferences [p=2722084]
# Super8: improve performance corner cases with new zeroing code