REAPER v7.001+dev1018a

v7.001+dev1018a - October 18 2023

* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Comp areas: respect project item locking when editing comp areas
+ JSFX: fix performance issue with gain reduction scope resized very small [t=282577]
+ ReaScript: correct GetMediaTrackInfo() parameter from "I_LANESCOLLAPSED" to "C_LANESCOLLAPSED" [p=2722531]
+ VST: fix undo point addition for some plug-ins when changing parameters via TCP controls/API [t=281778]
+ Visual spacers: improve behavior when adjusting track height and visual spacer height has been set to a high value [p=2722567]
+ Visual spacers: prevent envelope lane height affecting spacer size when spacer size has been customized to a large value
+ macOS: tweak default theme font