REAPER v7.01

v7.01 - October 19 2023

+ Actions: report toolbar button feedback for deprecated mouse modifier actions [p=2721945]
+ Comp areas: fix some potential undo glitches [p=2722176]
+ Comp areas: improve behavior when copying regions that contain comp areas
+ FX containers: do not migrate modulation/linking to parent when pasting/moving FX [t=283626]
+ Grid: respect 'measure' grid setting when splitting item on grid, moving cursor by grid, etc [p=2722052]
+ JSFX: fix performance issue with gain reduction scope resized very small [t=282577]
+ JSFX: hide loudness meter maximum value display when meter is tiny [t=283539]
+ Lanes: display comping button on razor edits in fixed lane tracks even if there is only one lane
+ Lanes: do not display comping button on razor edits when fixed lanes have been hidden
+ Lanes: improve behavior when moving/copying items between tracks with collapsed lanes [t=283682]
+ macOS: fix default theme font
+ Parameter modulation: fix parameter linking when copying FX to tracks with existing FX [t=282137]
+ Paste: fix pasting multiple media items into empty project with setting enabled to paste into separate tracks
+ ReaScript: correct GetMediaTrackInfo() parameter from "I_LANESCOLLAPSED" to "C_LANESCOLLAPSED" [p=2722531]
+ ReaScript: fix setting of FX param.X.plink.effect
+ ReaSurroundPan: optimize initialization process
+ Super8: fix possible audio errors when recording very long loops
+ Theme: fix squashed record arm buttons
+ Track groups: split items on grouped tracks if most of the item is within the bounds of the selected item [t=283664] [p=2719354]
+ Track panels: correct multichannel input label/tooltip [t=283594]
+ Track panels: fix hidpi text size for lane labels and TCP embedded FX labels [t=283747]
+ Track templates: warn if FX are offline on import [t=257672]
+ Video: fix video processor editor mousewheel issue on macOS
+ Visual spacers: improve behavior when adjusting track height and visual spacer height has been set to a high value [p=2722567]
+ Visual spacers: prevent envelope lane height affecting spacer size when spacer size has been customized to a large value
+ VST: fix undo point addition for some plug-ins when changing parameters via TCP controls/API [t=281778]