REAPER v7.01+dev1021

v7.01+dev1021 - October 21 2023

* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Comp areas: fix resync button display when track is small or unsynced items are overlapping
+ Comp areas: when resyncing all edited media items, consolidate overlapping items
+ Comp areas: when resyncing individual media items, do not resync overlapping items
+ FX: fix crash when single-FX-chain mode enabled and dragging FX from chain to nowhere [t=283777]
+ JSFX: add options: prealloc=* or prealloc=size, useful if you wish to force memory to be allocated at compile-time
+ Lanes: add lane collapse button right-click menu item to disable/re-enable fixed lanes
+ Lanes: enable option to record into first available lane even when layering lanes [t=283867]
+ Lanes: improve display of overlapping media items when a fixed lane track is take out of fixed lane view [p=2723489]
+ MIDI: when option enabled to set channel for new events when clicking a note, ensure the new channel passes the MIDI filter [p=2723907]
+ Media items: display tiny items on collapsed folder tracks when item selection indicator is enabled
+ Media items: hide item selection indicator when track height is small
+ Mixer: fix embed FX layout bugs [p=2723714]
+ Super8: use new prealloc feature for improved initial realtime performance
+ macOS: fix routing window combo box behavior (particularly on Sonoma) [t=283872]
# Lanes: display lane collapse button when lane buttons are hidden and preference to align TCP controls is disabled [p=2723440]