REAPER v7.01+dev1022

v7.01+dev1022 - October 22 2023

* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Comp areas: respect track grouping when re-syncing media items [p=2724215]
+ Lanes: display razor edit comp area control differently when clicking would re-sync rather than comping
+ Lanes: handle section/reversed media properly when comping [t=283957]
+ Lanes: when 'record into first available lane' is enabled, skip comping lanes if any
+ MIDI hardware: reaper-midihw.ini reading better support user-generated files with whitespace around equal signs
+ MIDI: fix export timing issues [t=283898]
+ ReaScript/JSFX: do not set image dirty when using gfx_measurestr/etc
+ ReaScript: fix GetSetMediaTrackInfo("C_LANEPLAYS:N") when setting value [p=2724132]
+ Theme: inline editor and item hidpi fixes, MCP indenting fixes
+ Toolbars: add preference to disable all toolbar animations
+ Track spacers: fix various behaviors when spacer size is customized
+ Track spacers: improve behavior when manually adjusting height of track that is displaying big lanes and track spacer height has been customized to a large value [p=2724027]
+ Tracks: if inserting a track at the end of the project and the last track is a folder with hidden collapsed children, add the track outside the folder
# Actions: update arrange view as well as TCP after running action to show/hide child tracks in collapsed folders
# Lanes: improve behavior when 'layer new lanes' and 'record into first available lane' are both enabled