REAPER v7.02

v7.02 - October 25 2023

+ Actions: fix behavior of action to paste at mouse position when mouse is over track spacer [t=284042]
+ Accessibility: fix API issue with MIDI editor last_clicked_cc_lane
+ Color theme: rename 'Inactive take overlay color/mode' to 'Inactive take/lane overlay color/mode' to clarify that these elements affect inactive fixed lanes (lanes that are not playing)
+ Comp areas: fix action to create comp area at mouse when track is not selected [p=2725233]
+ Comp areas: fix behavior when deleting edge between two adjacent comp areas [p=2723290]
+ Comp areas: fix left-click mouse modifiers to set loop points to comp area [p=2723284]
+ Comp areas: fix resync button display when track is small or unsynced items are overlapping
+ Comp areas: handle re-comping media items that are fully faded in or faded out [p=2725217]
+ Comp areas: respect project item locking when editing comp areas
+ Comp areas: respect track grouping when re-syncing media items [p=2724215]
+ Comp areas: when resyncing all edited media items, consolidate overlapping items
+ Comp areas: when resyncing individual media items, do not resync overlapping items
+ Comping: update comp areas after replacing media [p=2724687]
+ FX: fix crash when single-FX-chain mode enabled and dragging FX from chain to nowhere [t=283777]
+ Grouping: improve behavior of dual edge editing when media items are grouped [t=283998]
+ JSFX: add options: prealloc=* or prealloc=size, useful if a plug-in wants to force memory to be allocated at compile-time
+ JSFX: fix bug with top channel in channel_mapper [t=283773]
+ JSFX: improve watch window filtering, allowing both REAPER filter logic plus expressions such as refs=1 or value>1 etc
+ JSFX: do not set image dirty when using gfx_measurestr/etc
+ Lanes: add lane collapse button right-click menu item to disable/re-enable fixed lanes
+ Lanes: add track setting to show/hide lane buttons (right-click or alt-click lane collapse button)
+ Lanes: allow clicking above or below lane button to initiate dragging/reordering lanes without changing lane play state [p=2725245]
+ Lanes: display razor edit comp area control differently when clicking would re-sync rather than comping
+ Lanes: enable option to record into first available lane even when layering lanes [t=283867]
+ Lanes: handle section/reversed media properly when comping [t=283957]
+ Lanes: improve display of lane names in lane button menu
+ Lanes: improve display of overlapping media items when a fixed lane track is taken out of fixed lane view [p=2723489]
+ Lanes: improve lane area display and mouse interaction with non-100% layouts
+ Lanes: improve shift+click selection behavior on fixed lane tracks
+ Lanes: respect setting to record into the first available lane when recording multiple loops into an empty track [p=2724969]
+ Lanes: when 'record into first available lane' is enabled, skip comping lanes if any
+ Lanes: when disabling comping, handle special case where a 2nd empty lane is displayed and autoremove lanes is enabled [p=2725237]
+ Lanes: when showing only one lane, support switching to any other lane via lane button right-click menu
+ macOS: fix file extension when exporting mouse modifiers as ReaScript
+ macOS: fix Sonoma routing window combo box bugs [t=283872]
+ Media items: actions to set item colors also clear any per-take colors [p=2723344]
+ Media items: display tiny items on collapsed folder tracks when item selection indicator is enabled
+ Media items: hide item selection indicator when track height is small
+ Metadata: do not discard currently-being-edited metadata when the user clicks away [t=284012]
+ MIDI: fix export timing issues [t=283898]
+ MIDI: increase retroactive recording history size from 128KB to 1MB
+ MIDI: when option enabled to set channel for new events when clicking a note, ensure the new channel passes the MIDI filter [p=2723907]
+ MIDI editor: fix inconsistent text colors of CC lane description
+ MIDI hardware: better support user-generated reaper-midihw.ini files with whitespace around equal signs [p=2721555]
+ Mixer: fix embed FX layout bugs [p=2723714]
+ Preferences: fix changing media item background/peaks display color when theme does not override [p=2725825]
+ Preferences: support setting track lane buttons hidden by default
+ Razor edits: support relative snap [t=283820]
+ Razor edits: if snapping to grid at any distance, also snap to the original, unsnapped position
+ Razor edits: remove razor edit areas when hiding envelopes [t=284003]
+ ReaComp: fix reset of RMS size via doubleclick [p=2723224]
+ ReaLimit: fix 1-pixel incorrect drawing error on odd embedded-UI widths
+ ReaScript: fix GetSetMediaTrackInfo("C_LANEPLAYS:N") when setting value [p=2724132]
+ ReaScript: fix setting media item bottom half mouse modifiers from API
+ ReaScript: GetThingFromPoint() returns 'spacer_N' for spacer before track N
+ ReaScript: do not set image dirty when using gfx.measurestr/etc
+ ReaScript: fix rounding [t=284033]
+ Super8: improve performance when starting recording on multiple channels simultaneously
+ Super8: use new prealloc feature for improved initial realtime performance
+ Theme: inline editor and item hidpi fixes, MCP indenting fixes
+ Toolbars: add preference to disable all toolbar animations
+ Track panels: refresh when setting/changing MIDI hardware outputs in various contexts [t=280959]
+ Track reordering: improve folder behavior when dragging over a track that has envelopes visible
+ Track reordering: make folder-creation drag/drop behavior closer to that of 6.81
+ Tracks: if inserting a track at the end of the project and the last track is a folder with hidden collapsed children, add the track outside the folder
+ Track spacers: fix various behaviors when spacer size is customized
+ Track spacers: improve behavior when manually adjusting height of track that is displaying big lanes and track spacer height has been customized to a large value [p=2724027]
+ Virtual MIDI Keyboard: show all available keyboard assignments [t=283801]
+ Windows: fix RAM use metering on Windows 11 [t=284006]