REAPER v7.02+dev1027

v7.02+dev1027 - October 27 2023

* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Comp areas: fix glitch when rapidly dragging comp area from right to left [p=2726070]
+ Comping: actions to toggle comping set the track to fixed lanes, create a comping lane if the track has never had one; otherwise re-enable most recently used comping lane
+ Comping: allow setting source lane by right-clicking comp area
+ Comping: when moving comp areas up/down via buttons or actions, skip empty source lanes
+ Editing: add preference to limit edge/crossfade edits to source media content for unlooped media items (checkbox in mouse modifiers preferences)
+ FX: actions to apply first track or take fx also bypass all take or track fx, whichever FX chain is not being rendered [p=2726302]
+ IDEs: improve suggestion mouse/mousewheel/scroll behavior
+ Keyboard sections: avoid incorrect menu modifiers being generated when editing alternate sections
+ Keyboard sections: fix temporary override behavior with modifier keys [p=2726244]
+ Lanes: display lane collapse button when track is tall enough, regardless of user setting for empty space at bottom of track [p=2726084]
+ Lanes: fix lane size changing when moving media items out of and back into fixed lane tracks [p=2726086]
+ Lanes: fix occasionally pasting razor edits into the incorrect lanes [p=2726481]
+ Lanes: fix recording overlapping media on tracks that were formerly set to fixed lanes
+ Lanes: when disabling fixed lanes, only retain hidden lane information if there are hidden media items or items on multiple lanes [p=2726131]
+ Lanes: when showing/playing only one lane, ignore actions that would result in no lanes or multiple lanes playing
+ Recording: add recording option to add overlapping media items in layers, replicating v6 recording option 'Add media items'