REAPER v7.02+dev1030

v7.02+dev1030 - October 30 2023

* Includes feature branch: FX envelope options for AI combining
* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Actions: add action to toggle preference to limit media item edge edits to source media content
+ Comp areas: actions to move comp areas up/down will skip lanes that only have source media within the comp area fadein/fadeout
+ Comp areas: when deleting comp areas and media, avoid leaving tiny pieces behind
+ FX Containers: fix possible incorrect undo state when recording new automation [t=284335]
+ FX containers: improve accessibility for nested containers by allowing left/right arrows in chain list to navigate up/down hierarchy
+ Lanes: actions to delete comp areas have no effect if comping is disabled
+ Lanes: add action to delete source media within comp areas and re-comp for selected tracks
+ ReaScript IDE: improve help auto-navigate on F1 for some functions
+ ReaScript: add set_action_options() for Lua/EEL2 which allows customizing behavior when re-running an already-running script
+ ReaScript: script exported from mouse modifiers preferences automatically updates its toggle state (for use as a toolbar button)
+ ReaScript: support setting script toggle state via set_action_options()
# Lanes: move menu item to automatically delete empty lanes to 'Delete lanes' menu
# Razor edits: fix razor edit preview on fixed lane tracks
# Toolbars: allow user to override text tooltip for built-in toolbar buttons