REAPER v6.35rc4

v6.35rc4 - August 20 2021

+ FX: improve floating window title updating with hidden TCP, etc
+ Language packs: improve behavior with existing langpacks and dialog scaling in render window [t=256670]
+ Media items: reset snap offset if right edge resized less than offset [t=256571]
+ Monitoring FX: update floating window titles [t=256595]
+ ReaComp: fix legacy parameter reset when using factory default preset
+ ReaComp: hide weird knee/classic attack when not used (accessible via compat parameter in generic UI)
# API: PCM_Source_BuildPeaks() invalidates peak caches
# API: improve PCM_Source_BuildPeaks explanation
# ReaSurroundPan: remove 9.1.2 setup [p=2473644]