REAPER v7.05+dev1117

v7.05+dev1117 - November 17 2023

* Includes branch: improved take FX position reporting with PDC
* Includes feature branch: large number of video items CPU use optimizations
* Includes feature branch: record armed tracks obeying 'do not run muted tracks' preference
* Includes feature branch: increase fixed lane limit to 256 lanes
* Includes feature branch: improve undo behavior when comping
* Includes feature branch: support non-SMPTE 7.1 channel order
* Includes feature branch: improve behavior when deleting or reordering tracks while recording
* Includes feature branch: support copying comp area edits back to source lanes
* Includes feature branch: optionally limit media item edge edits to start/end of source media
* Includes feature branch: FX envelope options for AI combining
* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ Comp areas: improve behavior when inserting empty space or copying regions [p=2734194]
+ Comp areas: improve behavior when lanes contain multiple copies of the same source media with different take envelopes [p=2734244]
+ FX: fix quirks when single-FX chain mode is enabled moving/copying single FX [t=277429]
+ FX: improve wording/checked-state indicators for bypass/offline menu items
+ Lanes: add track setting for media items on higher numbered lanes to mask playback of lower lanes
+ Lanes: fix play cursor drawing glitch in certain situations [p=2734248]
+ Lanes: optimize drawing arrange view when zoomed in to a track with many lanes
+ Lanes: when preference enabled to vertically offset overlapping items, items respect original lane order if track formerly displayed fixed lanes
+ Take FX: improve position reporting to plug-ins (including ARA) when using PDC [p=2734271]
+ Tracks: fix TCP display glitch when reactivating project tab and TCP is narrow [p=2734249]
# Comp areas: sort and clean up comp areas after razor edit that does not contain media items [p=2734245]