REAPER v7.07rc1

v7.07rc1 - December 10 2023

* Includes feature branch: support non-SMPTE 7.1 channel order
* Includes feature branch: support copying comp area edits back to source lanes
* Includes feature branch: optionally limit media item edge edits to start/end of source media
* Includes feature branch: ReaSurround support for 128 inputs
+ API: allow plug-ins to register default-global hotkeys via gaccel_global or gaccel_globaltext
+ ARA: improve retaining edits through undo/redo
+ Actions window: reset/copy actions in alternate sections also reset/copy global override states
+ Actions: add action to toggle preference to limit media item edge edits to source media content
+ Actions: improve logic of GR/LUFS metering toggle actions with mixed states
+ CLAP: prevent misbehavior when preference enabled to flush FX on loop [t=285644]
+ Comp areas: improve behavior when lanes contain multiple copies of the same source media with different take envelopes [p=2734244]
+ Comping: add unsynced media item right-click menu item to discard edits and re-comp from original source lane
+ Comping: click unsynced media item button to copy to a new source lane, ctrl/cmd+click to copy edited media item to source lane, alt/opt+click to discard edits and replace with source lane media
+ Comping: improve behavior when comping looped media items with per-take automation [p=2733428]
+ Comping: support copying edited media item back to source lane when right-clicking or alt+clicking media item re-sync button
+ Display: improve cursor paste location indicator on free item positioning and fixed lane tracks [p=2738141]
+ Dynamic split: add action to immediately dynamic split items based on most recent settings
+ Editing: add preference to limit edge/crossfade edits to source media content for unlooped media items (checkbox in mouse modifiers preferences)
+ Envelopes: fix edge points and looping for sine and parametric LFO types [t=285838]
+ FX containers: fix loss of pin names and parameter mappings when pasting FX [p=2739005]
+ FX containers: if moving a FX into a container, preserve parameter links
+ FX containers: if moving a FX into a subcontainer, preserve parent container parameter mapping
+ FX containers: intelligently manage parameter linking when moving/copying FX across containers
+ FX containers: when moving FX to (grand)parent, adjust any parameter link/mappings in the new context
+ FX: fix behavior of single-FX-chain mode when moving FX from container
+ FX: migrate TCP parameters/envelopes to top level container when moving FX into nested containers
+ FX: when copying FX from a container, include automation/etc of any mapped parameters
+ FX: when moving FX from container, include automation/etc of any mapped parameters
+ Lanes: action to comp into a new copy of lane automatically copies edited media items to new lane and re-comps
+ Lanes: action to minimize lane usage respects track edit grouping
+ Lanes: add action to remove empty comp areas
+ Lanes: add action, menu item, mouse modifier to refresh comp areas with no matching media in comping lane
+ Lanes: add actions to exit fixed lane view, show only one lane, set small lanes, or set big lanes for all fixed lane tracks in the project
+ Lanes: add selected-tracks versions of actions to delete comp areas, delete empty comp areas, delete comp areas including media
+ Lanes: add support for copying all edited media items back to source lanes, or discarding all media item edits and replacing from source lanes
+ Lanes: comping button on a razor edit in the comping lane containing no items will choose a suitable source lane rather than creating an empty lane
+ Lanes: delete unsynced comp areas before running action to minimize lane usage
+ Lanes: fix behavior of action to select item under mouse when lanes are collapsed [t=285725]
+ Lanes: fix comping into a new copy of lane with MIDI media [t=285639]
+ Lanes: fix re-syncing multiple media items when some items have source media in the lane immediately below and some do not
+ Lanes: fix some edge cases where comp areas un-sync when edges barely overlap [p=2739194]
+ Lanes: respect track grouping when running action from unsynced comp area right-click menu [p=2735636]
+ Lanes: support "Add comp area at time selection" when right-clicking existing comp area on track showing only one lane
+ Lanes: support comping media items with "auto-stretch at tempo changes" enabled [p=2740986]
+ Linux: add drag/drop preview [p=2737763]
+ Linux: improve support for ini files which are symlinks [t=283160]
+ MIDI editor: account for media item left/right trim when sizing to fit contents
+ MIDI editor: display MIDI take names in Contents submenu
+ MIDI editor: display lane information in track list
+ MIDI editor: display media item position in track list if multiple media items share the same name
+ MIDI editor: do not list non-visible, non-playing lanes on non-fixed-lane tracks in MIDI editor track list
+ MIDI editor: fix tooltip for "CC selection follows note selection" button [t=285697]
+ MIDI editor: sort media items in track list by lane
+ MIDI editor: when editor follows track selection, follow lane selection as well
+ MIDI editor: when switching active MIDI source, ensure the source is visible in the editor
+ Media items: retain separate target values for peak vs loudness normalization
+ Metadata: clarify that MPEG 7.1C channel layout is equivalent to SMPTE 7.1
+ Metadata: correct descriptions of MPEG 7.1 channel layout metadata
+ Metadata: improve descriptions of channel layout metadata [t=284455]
+ Parameter linking: support preserving linking when copying FX
+ Preferences: improve help text for "automatically color" settings in Preferences / Appearance / Peaks/Waveforms
+ Razor edits: add action to select media items within razor edit areas
+ ReaScript: GetSetMediaItemInfo("C_LANEPLAYS") returns -1 if media item is on a non-visible, non-playing lane on a non-fixed-lane track
+ ReaScript: GetSetMediaItemInfo("I_FIXEDLANE") always returns 0 for non-fixed-lane tracks
+ ReaScript: action to open ReaScript documentation defaults to Lua view
+ ReaScript: add support for GetSetMediaTrackInfo("P_LANENAME:n")
+ ReaScript: support GetSetMediaItemTakeInfo("I_TAKEFX_NCH"), to get/set the number of take FX channels [t=286031]
+ ReaSurroundPan: add 7.1 non-SMPTE channel layout [t=284455]
+ ReaSurroundPan: support up to 128 inputs
+ Regions: improve description of menu item to set loop points to region [t=286025]
+ Render: respect source track render channel request when rendering via master [p=2740422]
+ Render: retain separate target values for peak vs loudness normalization
+ Theme: minor update
+ Toolbars: restore support for customizing both icon and tooltip
+ Tracks: always change track selection when clicking lane buttons, unless modifier keys are down
+ Tracks: fix moving tracks above spacers when the spacer is above the first track in the project [t=285749]
+ Tracks: if modifier keys are down, disregard preference to change track selection when clicking track controls or in arrange view
+ Tracks: when preference enabled to change track selection when clicking track controls, ignore modifier keys when processing track selection
+ WALTER: support setting/clearing custom controls via wildcards e.g. 'clear tcp.custom.' or 'clear tcp.'
+ Windows: use new authenticode certificate
+ macOS: improve system memory use/free statistics in performance meter
# Comping: ctrl/cmd+click on unsynced media item copies the edit back to the source lane if there is a matching source lane; does nothing if there is no matching source lane [p=2733595]
# Comping: improve behavior when re-comping media items that match more than one source lane
# Editing: fix interaction between preference to limit edge edits to source media and mouse modifiers to stretch media items
# Editing: preference to limit edge edits to source media content does not apply to looped media or MIDI items
# FX containers: support remapping of container FX parameters when moving FX between sub-containers
# Lanes: fix clicking re-sync button on unselected media item [p=2735933]
# Lanes: improve behavior when comping comping lane edit back to source lane
# Lanes: improve behavior when copying comping lane edits back to source lane
# Lanes: minor lane button alignment fix
# Preferences: preference to limit edge edits to source media content does not apply to click source, LTC, or empty media items
# ReaScript: enable GetSetMediaTrackInfo_String("P_LANENAME:n") [p=2738243]
# ReaScript: internal changes to GetSetMediaTrackInfo("C_LANEPLAYS:N") and GetSetMediaItemInfo("C_LANEPLAYS")
# ReaSurroundPan: internal changes to speaker influence calculations, should have no effect on output
# Tracks: preference to change track selection when clicking faders/controls applies to mixer, does not apply to track name field or lane buttons [p=2739496]
# Tracks: treat track index background (even if customized) identically to the track background area with respect to modifier keys when selecting [p=2739617]