REAPER v7.07+dev1213

v7.07+dev1213 - December 13 2023

* Includes feature branch: media item edits in comping lane optionally affect media item edges in source lane
* Includes feature branch: extended ASCII encoding for .wav file text metadata
* Includes feature branch: preserve metadata when rendering media items
* Includes feature branch: envelope list window improvements
* Includes feature branch: video processors in containers
* Includes feature branch: media items on higher numbered lanes optionally mask playback of lower lanes
* Includes feature branch: large number of video items CPU use optimizations
* Includes feature branch: record armed tracks obeying 'do not run muted tracks' preference
* Includes feature branch: increase fixed lane limit to 256 lanes
+ Project bay: add selection mirroring and auto-scroll support for FX and FX parameters tabs
+ Project bay: support expanding/collapsing groups via left/right keys
+ ReaScript: allow setting a negative take marker offset via SetTakeMarker() [t=267197]
+ Regions: fix moving regions with tempo changes [t=285738]
+ Toolbars: fix tooltips when using text icon and "use as tooltip" disabled [t=286219]
+ Undo: improve memory tracking over 4GB
# Envelope window: add grid lines on Windows
# Envelope window: fix position persistance
# Envelope window: fix validation of tempo/playspeed envelopes
# Envelope window: improve default sizing